New York Toy Fair 2000 -- part 2 

Our 2nd Meeting with Nintendo

Well this is our 3rd day here at Toy Fair 2000.   To be honest, I am enjoying the heck out of myself here seeing all the new games, toys, and candy .... free samples of Pokemon candy is hard to turn down.  ;)

Today we spent another hour with the great people from Nintendo. Pictured to the right is Brian Hartman, who was this totally cool dude who just dropped the bomb on how Pokémon Stadium works.  Some notes we found interesting about Pokémon Stadium:

Brian showing us one of Mewtwo's power moves!
1. Nintendo has snuck this little programming trick into the game to mess 
with some of you guys and your Pokémon.  If you are playing one of your friends, 
and he has a Pokémon that is like Level 255 (on his Red or Blue) or something 
goofy like that.  When he loads it into Stadium with the transfer Pak, 
Stadium will cut his guy back to Level 100!  And when he takes it back to his 
Gameboy Red (or whatever color he is using) back to his Gameboy Unit it will 
stay Level 100!  YOWZA!   So if you want your Pokémon to stay a huge level 
above 100, don’t introduce your Pak to Stadium.

2. Stadium’s coolest feature is "Professor Oak’s Lab".  Why?  It simply has 
a boatload of new features for your gameboy cartridges:  Extremely simple 
trading between Paks; Alphabetical and Numerical listing of all the Pokemon 
you’ve caught; See what’s in all your Pokémon Boxes at once; and even more boxes!  
N64 give you more boxes to catch Pokémon and more boxes to store your items in.  

3. There is a cool thing called a "See List".  Which shows all Pokémon in 
all boxes and all their stats in nice simple scrolling screen.

4. Neat tricks -- Beat the 8 Gym Leaders, then the Elite 4, then your rival, 
and then you get to fight Mewtwo.  Beat Mewtwo (which ain’t easy!), and you 
move on to level 2.  Then you try  to collect 151 trophies.  
Getting all 151 trophies  unlocks a Psyduck with an Amnesia Attack!  
This will be the first time ever you will have access to a Psyduck 
with an Amnesia attack!!  

5. Surfing Pikachu!!!!  N64 will unlock a Surfing Pikachu to use in your Red, 
Blue, & Yellow Games! Way cool.  A Pikachu that has a Surf Attack will be a 
nice surprise attack on an opponent!

6. Win Level one .. you can play Gameboy Red Blue, & yellow at double speed.  
Win Level 2 and play R, B, & Y at triple speed!!!

Nintendo Brian told us that the n64 Stadium System combo box (2 controllers, 
Stadium, transfer Pak, and Entertainment counsel package) will ship 
with a TCG promo card. 
TCG for Gameboy  -- There are 226 cards from Base Set, Jungle and Fossil.  
There are 18 cards that can be used on this system that were never ever 
released before though.  Also, there is a cool "Card Pop" feature that 
is pretty neat.  Go up to a friend who has the game on his Gameboy, and "POP"
 via the infrared transmitter and you will each get a new Pokémon card to 
use in your deck.  You will only be able to this with your friend ONE TIME!  
As it keeps track of your friends unique ID#.  But this is cool, as you can 
do with countless other people and make new friends, and you’ll each 
get a card.  You’ll never know what they are until you try to POP!
NOTE FROM BRIAN BROKAW: The original Pokemon Card GB (Japanese) had 228 cards. This breaks out from 102 Base Set, 48 Jungle (no duplicate holos for the Game Boy game remember), 48 Fossil (which included Lv23 Mew that the U.S. only received in the League promotion), and 20 promo cards.
I wonder which 2 cards we don't get?

(Note from POJO ... Brian from Nintendo was rattling this number off the top of his head ... he could have misspoke?, but 226 is the number I thought he told me).

I really enjoyed meeting with the Nintendo people.  The were extremely cool!  
Did I say that yet?

Well that’s it for today. My feet are aching.

I met with Wizards of the Coast today, and they were extremely cool 
and forthcoming to us, and gave us some cool stuff, including the "Play It!" 
Base Set 2 training CD.  I’ll tell you this cool story tomorrow.  
Going to have some more of the awesome NY food again right now.

Also learning cool stuff for you about Digimon, DragonballZ, Sailor Moon, 
WWF and more!  Don’t worry I’ll fill you in on this stuff in the days to come!

Having a Riot in New York!


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