New York Toy Fair 2000

Hey Everyone,

The New York Toy Fair opened on Sunday February 13, and we were there.  

Hasbro contacted us, and asked us personally to attend the Pokemon 2000
event .... and of course we obliged.  

Nintendo was there, and we picked their brain for you.  We got to play
Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon TCG, and these games were as good as expected.
We knew the release date of Stadium was March 6, 2000, and Nintendo told us
the release date of the Pokemon TCG for the Gameboy was April 10th.
Nintendo also confirmed Gold & Silver would be out this fall.

Did you know that you will be able to play your Pokemon Red, Yellow, & Blue
on any sized TV through Pokemon Stadium's transfer pak?!  And what else is
cool about this?!  You can play at a faster speed.  Ash will walk like 2 to
3 times faster through your transfer pak, and text will scroll faster than
that snail pace we've seen.  These is cool for us dudes that like to play
through our Super Gameboy on the N64.

The transfer pak will also work with Mario Golf for Gameboy and N64,
allowing players to transfer data and characters between the two versions.

We got to see the theme decks for Base Set 2 and Team Rocket.  The Base Set
2 Theme Decks are: Lightning Bug, Psych Out; Grasshopper and Firestarter.

The Team Rocket theme decks will be: "Trouble" and "Devastation".  The
booster packs for Team Rocket are Black Foil with the Team Rocket "R" and
their Pokemon on them.  The booster packs are cool looking in themselves.

Nintendo stated that Pokemon has grossed 7 billion dollars to date, and
that they have sold over 5 billion cards to date!!!!

Another thing Nintendo showed us was 6 eye catching colors on Nintendo 64
video game consoles:  Smoke; Ice; Fire; Jungle; Watermelon; and Grape.
(Very similar to IMac colors).  These will be $99.

Other cool things we saw:  Pokemon Snow Cone Machines, Pokemon Micro
Machines, new Pokemon Bean Bags, and a whole lot more.  

Oh yeah, Hasbro confirmed that a Promo Mewtwo card will be in the Pokemon
Video an DVD's coming out on March 21.  

We took a ton of cool pictures that we should have posted in the next week
or so, and also in a future Issue of Pojo's Pokemon News and Price Guide.

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