A first look at the Gameboy Advance
March 23, 2001

From Jon_n_Japan


Here is a report (I don't know if it's that good or not, but at least it's something),

    Game Boy Advance, an over all excellent portable gaming device. I think of it as better than a SNES. I mean look, you can play some of the games with four players with one cartridge (the only games that can do four players that Iíve noticed has only been the Nintendo games, not any of Konami, Capcom, Tam, etc. have been able to do four player games) And you can get games with the same quality (F-Zero and Super Mario). The only drawback to playing with four players is you must have three game links. I bought one for •1,400 (just about $13 each) and eventually Iíll get another two game links. Now for the details, the graphics are awesome, just like a SNES. Also the sound is louder at the max than with a Game Boy Color (whether you want to call that better or worse is your opinion). I myself have only played F-Zero and Advance GTA but they are both really good. The Nintendo games are retailed at •4,800, (about $40, but video games tend to be more expensive in Japan) as Konami games tend to be a little higher. But whatever game you want a GBA is a must have.

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Jonathan Gibson, also known as JonNJapan

P.S. I possibly might add on to this later.