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Wizards of the Coast Releases Details on June's STS

3.15.01  I just got this email from Wizards of the Coast:

Thank you to our Pokemon TCG fans for your patience on awaiting the details of our first STS of 2001.

We have now finalized our Super Trainer Showdown plans as we had mentioned. In response to your strong interest, we have choosen to post the details to our Forum participants first!

We also will post this STS announcement on our website within the next few weeks. And we will continue to update our fans on additional STS details throughout the coming months both at the website and via our Community Chat.

Thank you again for your support and enthusiasm.

>From Your Pokemon Brand Team

Super Trainer Showdown East 2001

Wizards of the Coast is proud to bring Pokemon TCG players another Super Trainer Showdown (STS) on June 23rd and 24th at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, NJ.

This STS will be a two-day event, with all programs available in full on both days.  Players may chose to compete one day or two.


Ash’s Honor Championship ­ The Championship division for players 10 and younger.  A nurturing tournament environment that will help players hone skills and follow the path of good sporting behavior. This event will crown an STS Champion.

Rocket’s Foolproof Plan Championship ­ The Championship division for players 14 and younger.  A challenging and engaging environment that will test players’ skills to rise to the challenges of competitive play. This event will crown an STS Champion.

Professor Oak’s Revenge Championship ­ The Championship division for players of 15 years or older.  The seniors of the Pokemon TCG world get to show off their skills and rise to be acknowledged as mentors of play. This event will crown a Master Professor Champion.


The Super Trainer Showdown will have no entry fee.  All activities and events at the STS will be free of charge.


All players will receive Pokemon TCG product for their participation.  Product distribution will be based on tournament performance.  On both Saturday and Sunday, the top three finalists in each Championship will receive championship medals. All final eight qualifiers will receive jackets and additional product.


All three Championships at STS East 2001 will be modified Swiss events.  These events will feature Top Eight elimination finals. A modified deck format will be used for all Championship events.  That format will be released to the public by the end of May 2001.

If a player earns the title of Champion on Saturday, he/she cannot play in a Championship event on Sunday, though he/she is welcome to participate in other activities at the STS.

All Pokemon TCG players are welcome at the Super Trainer Showdown.  Players particpating in the championships must play in the appropriate age division, though players of younger than 10 years may play in the 14 and younger division if they wish. 


There will also be a  Pokemon TCG Qualifying Tournament Tour which will culminate in the Super Trainer Showdown East. The Tour will begin April 7th and end June 2nd

Each QT Tour series will have 26 tour events of one or two days each event. Each Tour stop will provide at least one STS QT for  players in each of two divisions: 14 and younger, and 10 and younger.

For each day of play, 3 participants will receive the Super Trainer Showdown Prize package. The Prize Package  includes:  a paid travel ticket,  and accommodations at the upcoming Super Trainer Showdown event.  Additionally, the prize winning participants will receive an accelerated position in the Super Trainer Showdown tournament event. They will be treated as if they were victorious in the first three rounds of play, beginning actual play in the fourth round.

Winners of a Super Trainer Showdown Prize Package at the Pokemon TCG Tour East must play in the same division in which they earned the package.  However, any 10-year-old player who earns a Prize Package at the Pokemon TCG Tour East and turns 11 years old before June 25rd, 2001 must play in Rocket’s Foolproof Plan event. And any 14- year-old player who earns a Prize Package at the Pokemon TCG Tour East and turns 15 years old before June 25rd, 2001 must play in the Professor Oak’s Revenge event.

Also on the QT Tour, organizers will provide Open events for competitors of all ages at the locations where resources are available. However, the STS Prize Packages are only awarded  for  participating players in each of the two divisions: 14 and younger, and 10 and younger.

Check back to our website in the next few weeks for more details on the Pokemon TCG Tour East!


League Zone is back— and anyone is welcome to Join the Game! Come and prepare for battle, or relax after Championship play.

STS East League Zone will feature the following four new Gyms. Be sure to bring the right cards so you can take on these new challenges!:

Metal Gym ­ Decks must contain at least 4 Metal Pokemon.

Darkness Gym ­ Decks must contain 8 Pokemon of the following types:

·        Darkness Pokemon

·        Dark Pokemon (from the Team Rocket expansion)


Baby Gym ­ Decks must contain 8 Baby Pokemon.

Pokemon Tools Gym ­ Decks must contain 8 Pokemon Tools.

Additionally, an Open Gym will be offered—any deck strategy can be played or tested here.

Players in the League Zone will get a chance to try Pokemon League and earn Pokemon TCG product. 


Customer Service will be preregistering for the STS East Coast as they

did for the last STS. Dates for pre-registration, and  Hotel and Venue

information, will be posted on our website at


General Information for the Pokemon TCG Tour and the Super Trainer Showdown can be found with our Customer Service department: (800) 324-6496, custserv@wizards.com.