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Regarding the removal of the 15+ older division of the STS...


Iím here to tell you that the 15 year olds and up are not the only ones UPSET about this matter (you can quote me on that).

My names Joseph Pelkala and I AM 13 (Boy, wont that be a surprise to WotC) and I absolutely love you guys and your reports about the STS. Now I myself never got to go:(

I know exactly what you guys feel like and lets face it ÖWHATíS THE SUPER TRAINER SHOWDOWN WITHOUT THE POJO TEAM THERE AND OTHER OLDER PLAYERS?!!!!!!!

I am going to try my best to turn their choice around (in a gentleman-like way of course) and you know what?!?!? I know some WotC Pokemon league gym leaders who are VERY upset about this and they didnít even go to the STS.

So my point is that their are others out there that are not 15+ older who disagree with this beyond the extremes but are prepared to settle it in a gentleman like manner (I hope ^_^) .

Well, please keep all of us updated on the manner (me especially)

E-mail me at  P0werstar4@aol.com Ö. the 0 is a zero!

Joseph pelkala