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Regarding 15+ Decision

Ahh, Wizards of the Coast. What shall we do with you. You defy logic, making
horrible decisions with unimaginable downfalls, frequently.
As it seems impossible to reason with Wizards, the only way to get a message
through may be logistics. $$$. If any tries to e-mail Wizards to change their
decree, please feel free to add these points.
-Older players tend to more "professional," as in they are willing to go and
spend lots of money to build a decent deck, as opposed to making one with
whatever they have.
-Older players have more experience, and are usually more willing to share it
with others. They teach and bring in new players, therefore increasing the
number of players. When I took up this game, I got my sister, two cousins,
and dozens of friends into the game as well.
-When's the last time a 7-year-old bought a plane ticket to New Jersey or
-Simple Math:
    Older Players = Lots of Cards
    No Tournaments For Older Players = No Need For Cards
    No Need For Cards = Willingness To Sell Them

There has been a great lack of tournaments for pokemon in my area. Since I

have no one to play against, I am selling my cards off. Cards that used to
run for 10 or 20 bucks, I am selling for a dollar. Little kids don't need to
buy packs for $3.50 when they can get three foils from me for the exact same
price. If that doesn't suck the demand for the game dry, I don't know what

-Lastly, not all of the former pokemon players are going to convert to Magic.

I realize that most players play both games. I have started to enter the
magic scene, but I simply don't have the money to spend, and if I did, I
probably wouldn't any way.
Hope this makes someone think.