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The Disgusting Decision of WotC

Yet another terrible, disgusting choice made by Wizards of the Coast: They have eliminated the 15+ division from the qualifiers and next STS. 

The majority of players I do know, are 15 and older.  They play the game because of tournaments and especially because of big tournaments like this. 

Greedy Wizards needs more money though, they want all of us Pokemon players to make our big jump into Magic: The Gathering. Now, I have nothing against Magic, but I like Pokemon more.  Itís more fun, in my opinion, and whether or not you like Magic is irrelevant.  Pokemon is our game.  Itís what weíre good at it.  Itís what we enjoy.  They are trying to tell us what we can enjoy by taking away the biggest tournament from us, and passing it on to the younger players, who are actually, just kids having fun that are going to be pushed into playing Magic when they reach an older age.

Yes, that is what I believe is the reason for this.  I was told by a WotC employee that the reason they did this is because ďwe are trying to focus the game more for the younger players,Ē which to me, was obvious that they just want the older players to go to Magic, and they can have the little kids that donít even take the game seriously playing, as if there arenít enough already.  Pokemon was never expected to be taken so seriously, but too bad, it was.  And Wizards could use this to their benefit and start having big tournaments, with cool prizes, like Magic does, so they could get long-lasting players that spend money on cards, or they could just try to push us into Magic, and thatís what they are trying to do.

What Tyais said is 100% right, and that is that we CAN make a difference.  Petitions are stupid and useless, as are chain letters.

E-mail custserv@wizards.com and tell them why you feel eliminating the 15+ decision is a bad decision to make, or call them at 1-800-324-6496.

We need everyone we can get, so we can bring this back.  Even for you younger players, you will be older soon.  Call, help us out.  Donít yell at them, just try to explain your reasons why it is a bad decision. 

I started playing the game when I was 13, I believe, and as I progressed, and got better at it, and enjoyed it more I am being forced away from it?  Thatís disgustingly wrong.  We can and will make a difference.

And as for the format of the next STS, booster draft?  Thatís a bad decision, too.  Whatís wrong with standard?  Why canít we have a normal tournament with normal cards, since we havenít even had a ďprofessionalĒ tournament in normal format since Gym I came out.

Seriously, what was Wizards thinking when they made this decision?

        Jason Klaczynski

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