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The Pokemon S.O.S
Also known as Save our Senior Citizen Players. (haha! Just kidding!)
Save the 15 and older Age Group
Written by Ty

As most of you have heard by now, Wizards of the Coast has decided that the will be eliminating the 15 and older age group from the East Coast STS 2001 as well as the East Coast STS Mall Tour 2001. While they didn't reference the West Coast STS, you can expect the same to happen to the West.


Unless we change their minds. Wizards has changed their mind before and we can make them change it again. Anyone remember when for the first STS, Wizards was going to have only the Base Set and Jungle Expansion sets? Do to customer feedback, they reversed it and opened it up for more decks.

We can do the same. We can make a difference.

(Just a note, for those of you who don't know, Scott Gerhardt and I hardly EVER agree on anything. I sent him a message about this and for the first time in ages we agree on something! If Scott AND I agree on something, its bound that 98% of you out there will agree!)

Now, I see tons of people going out there and making petitions. Let me introduce the first rule here.

1) Do NOT make Petitions!
Most of you are saying, "You %$^# moron you! If they see 200 signatures they HAVE to change their minds!" Well in reality, Wizards won't accept the petitions. Wizards looks at petitions the way we look at fake cards. Worthless. Petitions can be forged to easily and hold no value to them. I suggest you look below on how you CAN help this situation!

There are two mains ways that we can change Wizards mind. Now, I see those of you out there who once again think, "I'm just one person, what can I do?" or, "Wizards will never change their mind just because of me." Well, guess what? You're wrong! Now, if it WERE only you, I would say you couldn't do anything. But if we go out in force, they will see how much money we will bring in. Below are the two suggestions and the final two rules.

2) E-mail Wizards of the Coast!
Wizards has its own little E-mail set up for customer service. Before I tell you that E-mail, make sure your doing it right. When you are E-mailing Wizards of the Coast, please, act your age group. If you are in the 15+ age group, act like it! Do NOT insult, flame, call them stupid, insult, or do any sort of degrading thing in your E-mails. Wizards won't WANT to hold a 15+ if they see how immature they are ahead of time!

Now for that E-mail, make sure that you clearly explain why you are E-mailing. Below I have include a sample letter to Wizards of how to express your anger in a good way. (Feel free to use this as your own E-mail, replacing your name and other things that are personal.)


[Subject Line: RE: Decision to Eliminate 15+ Age Group]

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Bryan Gividen. I am E-mailing Wizards regarding their decision to eliminate the 15 and older age group from the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown and the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown Mall Tours. As a member of the 15 and older age group, at fifteen years old, I am extremely displeased with this action. The Super Trainer Showdown is the greatest event that Wizards puts on for the Pokemon TCG. I know that I, as well as many other 15 and older players, were expecting to go to the East Coast STS and have a great time participating in the events there of.

In Wizards decision to eliminate this group, I would like to express that they will be loosing valuable players, one of which is me. By cutting the older age group, Wizards will be loosing the money which I, and other 15+ players, spend on the Pokemon TCG.

Thank you,
Bryan Gividen


Now, I might suggest you personalize it a little bit, but that is the basic idea. I showed Wizards my opinion in a gentleman-like manner (it will have to be lady-like for all the PokeMoms and Lasses out there) and still got my point across.

So please, E-mail Wizards at CustServ@Wizards.com and show them your discontent.

2) Call Wizards up!
This may make you feel awkward and all, but calling them is a GOOD idea. Just do machine like message to them and tell them how you feel. Introduce yourself, tell them where you are from, and then tell them that you are calling to tell Wizards that you are upset by their move to eliminate the 15 and older age group. You may even want to write down what you will say before hand and then read over it a few times so you will come across as a very intelligent person. The phone number you will want to call to express this is 1-800-324-6496. So if you don't E-mail them, call them up!

What you will all have to realize in all of this, is that we CAN make a difference. Go after this with full force. Show Wizards that you want to be a player at the East Coast STS! The quote I like for this comes from a Dark, Wise Man that we shall call.... Mike. ;-)

The quote goes like this:
"The wind that blows the loudest does not always tear down the mountain. For the mountain is made of rock. Rather it is the steady wind of time that carves the stone into the sculptors masterpiece."

We need to be that wind. If we are a steady force, one coming across as polite and smart, we can carve the mountain that is Wizards of the Coast into what we want it to be. Be the wind guys.

"I'm just another Pokemon player like you guys."