Why, must people use this overkill machine...?

In r/b/y, He is an almost unstoppable force, with ok defense, high HP, Ok attack, insane Speed, and impossible Special

With Amnesia, it can obtain a special that can reach 999, and have awesome spec.def.

Now, most people are probably thinking...

“Man, why are you so upset about people using mewtwo, he seems incredible”

Well, that's why

Hes BROKEN! TO GOOD! Making him was a mistake!

The only known ways of beating a mewtwo is this...

PP stalling it.

Using Snorlax

Using Chansey

Using another Mewtwo and getting incredibly lucky with critical hits.

Those are the only ways at the moment i can think of. Also, using Swords dance + Explosion may work, but I think only Mew can obtain that, not sure though.

Now, ur probably like...

“Woa! D00d, even better reason to use dat psychic thing”


Do you find it fun killing an entire team using one single pokemon?



Mewtwos are killers, why kill an entire team with him when you can use pokemon and combo them. Using them together, instead of using Mewtwo

Mewtwo makes the game noooo fun at all. If everyone used Mewtwo in every team, I would quit. It would get old, fast. Mewtwo in a team is like using  a Wiggly in a deck. That is if you get it out fast enough ;

So pls folks, don’t you use Mewtwo, hes cheap, hes is broken, and hes EVIL

Now, onto g/s

They made him weakier for sure. Now giving Psychics dark and Steel to worry about, Mewtwo is definitaly not as powerful....

or so we thought.

At a local tourney, Mewtwos were allowed, gold and silver versions only.

I was in the finals, I faced about 4 mewtwos so far, beating them easily with Houndoom, Scizor, or Snorlax. Now, I thought I had it good. I was fighting this teen, about 15 years old. I was winning, I had got a Snorlax batoned pass with 2 agility and a swords dance. Snorlax was paralyzed, the enemy switched his Magneton for a Mewtwo, I laughed, I knew i could take it with one Double Edge. The Mewtwo used a reflect. I was fully paralyzed. He used another  Reflect, I did an Double Edge, only took like, 4th of his health. I was getting worried now. So i used a rest, with Mint Berry, I woke up that turn, he used another Reflect. Instead of trying Edge him and waste my life, I body slammed, hoping for a paralize. No go, then, he used 3 amnesia. I finally paralyzed him. Then he used rest. NOO! Then, eventually and slowly, he sesmic tossed my Snorlax to death. I was horrified, my snorlax never lost before. I figured it was nothing, and sent out Houndoom. I used sunny day,
he used s toss. I knew I could do major damage to him now, I fire blasted, It did, almost nothing. He eventually killed Houndoom, and the game went on like that until I was forced to send out crobat.


It seems the moveset could still beat anyone with time, He knew how to play well, sadly, dragonite, my hazer was killed eariler =/

Thats probably why he waited till last to send out Mewtwo. Well, any team that
hazer has been killed or a team w/o a hazer will die to this mewtwo O_O


Thats why he is cheap, no matter what version, he is CHEAP!

Thats why, I don’t use him, and no one else should. If you can leave wiggly out of ur deck, then you can leave this guy out of ur team               


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