Hey pojo! Me and my friends devised an awesome way for more than 2 players to play the PKMN TCG. Here it is :

Starting a Team Pokemon Game

Shuffle your deck (now can be made up of up to 120 cards) and draw TEN cards. Put the rest of your deck face down in front of you.

If you donít have a Basic Pokemon in your hand, show it to your opponent and shuffle it back into your deck. The opponent MAY NOT draw 2 extra cards as you draw a new seven. Repeat this process until you have a Basic Pokemon in hand.

You and your opponent put down as many as ten basic Pokemon face-down in a line in front of you.

Draw eight cards from the top of your deck and make a "mini-deck" of them next to you. You may not switch the order of the cards after they are drawn but you may look at them. These are your prizes

Flip a coin to decide who goes first.

Flip over your team of Pokemon.

Variations to Original Rules

All energy is placed in the "Energy Pool", which is located beside your Pokemon Team. Once per turn, you may take 2 energies and attach them to 2 different Pokemon. When a Pokemon dies, the energy simply goes back to the Energy Pool.

A retreat is no longer possible. But ONCE during the entire battle, FIVE colorless energies may be discarded to remove all status changes and regain all health.

IMPORTANT: A Pokemon may direct its attack to ANY of the opponents Pokemon.

Though, only one of your Pokemon may attack one of your opponents Pokemon!

Example: Bob has A Ninetales, Vulpix, and Charmeleon. He wants to attack his opponentís Machamp, but only ONE of his Pokemon may attack!

When all your Pokemon faint, discard cards off the top of your deck until you reach a basic. If there are no basics, you lose.

The use of "useless" cards :

Gust of Wind : Select 1 of the opponentís Pokemon. They cannot attack during that playerís next turn. This represents being "Benched" and being unable to attack while benched.

Switch : Counters the effect of Gust of Wind

Poisoning: Only take poison damage at the end of your turn and the end of the player who poisoned youís turn.

Ditto: You may make ditto a copy of anyone in play. He is a copy until that Pokemon faints. Then heís Ditto again.

Iíve heavily playtested this and it ROCKS. Try it out. Pretty soon Iíll post some decks specifically designed for these rules. Till then, happy playing!

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