Pokémon Reversal Reversed!


On April 15th, Pokémon USA announced that Pokémon Reversal was mistranslated when reprinted in EX Ruby & Sapphire and should be played as it was originally printed in Expedition (with some modification to allow for 2-on-2 play.

You can find the errata (along with all other rulings) here: http://compendium.pokegym.net/compendium/rulings_compendium_ex.html


The card has been errata’d to be played like so:

Q. The wording on the "Pokemon Reversal" trainer changed significantly between the Expedition version and the EX:Ruby/Sapphire version. How should we play this card? Do we play each one "as written", or should we play them all the way the latest (or older) version of the card says?

A. It should read like the Expedition version, with a slight tweak to make it 2-on-2 applicable. "Choose 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokemon. Flip a coin. If heads, your opponent switches that Pokemon with 1 of his or her Defending Pokemon." The opponent chooses the defending, but the person playing the card chooses the benched. (Apr 8, 2004 PUI Rules Team)


It’s still not a great card, but it’s the closest thing that we have to a Gust of Wind in the current Modified format and is at least playable now. Kudos go to TrEkIeV for pushing PUI again and again to review the translation and correct the card.

Try it out in your deck and see if it works for you.


We have a deck this week from Niko:


The decks strategy is to stall with babies until Crawdaunt /Espeon / Vaporeon is powered up.

Then start knocking the enemy Pokémon down. Mewtwo ex is good for late game.

Trainers help getting the needed cards.

Here Is My Deck:



Pokémon(17):                                                              Trainers(25).

4 Eevee(2 Promo 11,2 Sandstorm)                               1 Seer (Aquapolis)

2 Tyrogue(Discovery)                                                   1 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)

1 Elekid(Genesis                                                           1 Pokémon Fan Club (Aquapolis)

1 Pichu(Genesis)                                                           1 Juggler (Aquapolis)

3 Corpish(1 52/97,1 53/97,1 54/97, from Dragons)      1 Fisherman (Skyridge)

2 Vaporeon(1 Skyridge,1 Sandstorm)                           2 Fast Ball (Skyridge)

1 Espeon(Sandstorm)                                                   1 Computer Search (Base Set)

1 Mewtwo ex(Ruby&Sapphire)                                    4 Professor Oak (Base Set)

2 Crawdaunt(1 Rend,1 Power Pinchers)                       2 Gust Of Wind

                                                                                    1 Misty´s Tears (Gym Challenge)

Energies(18)                                                                 1 Energy Recycle System(Dragons)

                                                                                    1 PlusPower (Base Set 2)

9 Water Energy                                                            1 High Pressure System (Dragons)

8 Psychic Energy                                                          1 Ecogym (Genesis)

1 Recycle Energy                                                          1 Gold Berry (Genesis)

                                                                                    1 Super Energy Removal (Base Set)

                                                                                    4 Energy Removal (Base Set)



Thanks for the deck, Niko. I notice that you have a mix of cards from old and new sets. However, since you want to use Pokémon mostly from new sets, let’s see if we can make this a Modified deck while we fix it up. That will allow you to use it in all of the Premiere Organized Play events that are going on this year!


The first thing we want to do is figure out what you want to accomplish with the deck. The best Baby Pokémon are not legal in Modified play and, in any event, speed is important. You can’t afford to waste time stalling in today’s Metagame. We need to focus the Pokémon and Trainers to get the centerpiece of your deck out as soon as possible. You seem to like Eeeee’s Psychic and Water evolutions, so let’s stick with that and see what we can make of them. Of the two Vaporeon, the Skyridge version is more interesting. It has a Poké-Body that cures it of Special Conditions and it has an attack that can move your Opponent’s energy off of the Defending Pokémon. Not bad. Sandstorm Espeon’s attack does damage based not only on the energy attached to the defending, but to all of your opponent’s Pokémon. That’s good. It punishes them for building up. We’ll keep that. Now, we need backup and support. Wynaut from Sandstorm with help get out your Pokémon and give you a head start on building up a Wobuffet. You want Wobuffet because it is immune to EX Pokémon and they are very popular in today’s decks. The Crawdaunt line doesn’t really do anything for you. The rare is going to do 30 or 60 while you can depend on the holo to do 60 damage all of the time. Still, it’s just straight damage, and nothing that your other Pokémon can’t do. You don’t really have room for another line, so let’s add in Aquapolis Sudowoodo to cover Vaporeon’s Weakness. See how this works for you:



Pokémon (15):                                                            Trainers(26).

4 Eevee (Sandstorm)                                                    3 Professor Oak’s Research (Expedition)

2 Vaporeon (Skyridge)                                                 3 Dual Ball (or Pokémon Fan Club)

2 Espeon (Sandstorm)                                                  3 Team Aqua (or Magma) Conspirator (to get Energy)

2 Wynaut (Sandstorm)                                                  2 Fast Ball (or Prof Elm’s Training)

2 Wobuffet (Sandstorm)                                               4 Oran Berry

3 Sudowoodo (Aquapolis)                                            2 Full Heal (or Lum Berry)

                                                                                    1 Crystal Shard (Dragon)

Energies(19)                                                               1 Town Volunteers (Aquapolis)

6 Water Energy                                                            2 Pokémon Reversal

6 Psychic Energy                                                          2 Switch

3 Fire Energy (for Sudowoodo)                                    1 Energy Recycle System(Dragon)

4 Multi Energy                                                              2 High Pressure System (Dragon)