So here goes my second deck fix!  BTW- to all of those readers out there- I MAY not get to ALL your decks, usually if I fixed something similar in the past or it doesn't need much help.  Well, heres what my latest customer had to say:

"Hi Perfect0ne need help with this deck.. It is based on Ruby Sapphire, the only card not in RS being Prof.Elm:
Pokemon (21):
4 Skitty #44(RS)
3 Delcatty #5(RS)
4 Treecko #76 (RS)
4 Grovyle #32 (RS)
2 Sceptile #11 (RS)
2 Sceptile #20 (RS)
2 Scyther EX (RS)
Energy (25):
25 Grass Energy (RS)
Trainers (14):
4 Professor Elm (Gen)
3 PokeNav (RS)
4 Switch (RS)
3 Energy Restore (RS)
This is meant for Modified Format. Eh Basically i use Scyther EX to stall while i build up to delcatties and sceptiles using PokeNavs, Elms and Energy Draw so that i go throgh my deck quickly to get the sceptiles which are the main killers in this deck. When my 2 sceptiles are out, I can energy trans all the energy in play to a Delcatty for nice big damage, or to Sceptile #11 so that it can lizard poison and then solar beam. This deck finishes off very very well, the only problem being that it is very slow.. Please help me execute my strat faster and spiff up my deck a bit! Thanks!!"

I've actually tried EX only in the past with one of my friends.  With the lack of draw, we tried using Delcatty #5 as well, and the ever-popular Linoone =/. 

Anyway, I easily understand what your deck tries to do.  Although trying to keep it at R/S only or as close as possible may be fun, it lacks search cards.  Take a look at this version and I will explain the card-by-card.  Here it is:

4 Treeko (not poison breath) (this one guarantees damage, they can evolve to heal poison anyway)
4 Grovvyle (whichever) (they both have advantages, i might go with the poke-power one)
4 Sceptile (2 of each) (trying to stick with your deck)
2 Scyther EX (same as above)
3 Skitty (plus energy) (early energy for energy trans to abuse later on)
3 Delcatty (Sandstorm) (now you have enough draw so more damage is better)

15 Grass energy (with this much draw, this is a perfect number)
2 Warp energy (so many attacks require colorless, so with energy trans, you can go back and forth between pokemon)

4 Professor Elm (mass search)
4 Copycat (same as above)
4 Master Ball (pokemon advantage...which you really need)
2 Pokemon Fanclub (get the basics out first)
2 Switch (to keep with what you had)
2 Town Volunteers (get back dead sceptiles or lots of energy- also prevents decking)
2 Professor Oaks Reseach (more draw, just incase)
3 Professor Elms Training Method (evolve a little quicker)

This should oil up your deck to be nice and smooth.  This way, you can get out the lizards and cats faster!  Pass go, collect $200, and give it to me...thanx and c ya.