Cool deck Josh.  Well it looks like you will be the first customer in my deck garage =).  Seeing as you enjoy to play casual, I won't beef up the deck to be such a highly tournament worthy deck.  Although for you,  I will make it more consistant and a little smoother on the energy count.  Here's what you said, but with little side comments i listed to help myself try to pin-point and understand your card-by-card desicions.

Hey there Perfect 0ne.  My deck is very oldschool in the fact that it doesn't involve a lot of stategy.  Here it is:

3 Abra Expedition (the best abra available)
2 Kadabra  Expedition (highest HP kadabra and retrieves energy)
1 Alakazam  Expedition (psychic huh?)
3 Skitty  Mirior  errand Running (get energy since most pokemon benefit from a lot)
2 Delcatty  Cannonball (power up fast and benefit from multiple energy)
2 Clefairy  Expedition (best clefairy available)
2 Clefable  Jungle (hes a beatstick with one of the most cost-efficient attacks ever)
3 Ralts Link blast and confuse ray (link blast can works well in my eyes)
2 Kirlia  Life drain and Super psy (one of each...couldn't decide?)
1 Gardevoir Ex (what a monster huh?)
2 Mewtwo Ex (nothing like raw power)

Psychic (i wonder why? lol)

3 Professor Elms Training Method (multiple evolutions)
3 Bills Maitenance (draw)
3 Moo Moo Milk (heal)
2 Copycat (search/draw)
2 Super energy Removal (disruption)
3 Bill (draw)
2 Potion (heal)
The strategy of my deck is mainly just to Use Good Pokemon, like Mewtwo ex and Clafable, to stall until I can pwer up my energy users like Gardevoir and Delcatty.  Then i use clefabe and my ex pokemon to win the match.  Most of my traners are used to draw cards but I like to use SER to get rid of the heavy energy users.  I usually just play casual and son't do lots of tournaments. I usually use the deck in unlimited and 2 on 2 in which I change the Delcatty to the Max energy Source delcatty.  Hope you can help my deck out.  I look forward to your help.


I see that you have a few pokemon that try to seriously abuse the use of multiple energy cards and others, like delcatty, to power up nice and quickly.  With the idea of this being casual play, im not going to try to change too many cards to make this unbeatable.  Although making it reasonably faster and easier to use effectively.  Heres my version of your deck, with an explanation of the changes made in general.  Take a look for yourself:

Pokemon= 20
4 Ralts (link blast)
4 Kirlia (SuperPsy)
2 Gardevoir
2 Gardevoir EX
3 Skitty (plus energy)
3 Delcatty (2 cannonball 1 Sandstorm version)
2 Mewtwo EX

Energy= 18
14 Psychic
4 Double colorless eneergy

Trainers= 22
4 Professor Elm
4 Copycat
4 Gold Berry
2 Bill
1 Scoop Up
2 Pokemon Fanclub
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Town Volunteers
2 Super energy Removal

As you can see, I removed Clefable and Alakazam.  I didn't think alakazam was very useful in this deck, although I had second thoughts on removing clefable. In this version, you usually should try to use the second gardevoir ex to get energy piled onto itself from Gardevoirs poke-power.  With Gold Berry, they can heal from Gardevoirs poke-power twice!  The addition of Scoop Up allows you to be able to stall with a mewtwo ex until it is nearly dead and then save it!  You can also use it to switch on emergencies.  Town Volunteers can help you from decking out, as well as save your energys wasted from a scoop up.  Double Colorless energy is amazing in this deck.  It counts for 2 energy for cannonaball and if you use it on Gardevoir ex, he only needs 2 more energy cards to use his most devestating attack!  With pokemon fanclub and pokemon trader, you can get out your pokemon a little easier.  You can also alternate by removing the delcatty evolution line for clefable if you want.  Another potential change could be to remove 2 mewtwo ex, 3 bill, and 1 scoop up for 3 zigzagoon and 3 linoone (EX) to get the Gardevoirs and Gardevoir exs up and running very fast.  I hope you enjoyed your professional fix, that'll be $10 please!  Oh wait, I did this for free... =/.