Well this time im goin to fix up an old favorite: Blaines Magmar!
Lots of people think that with removals and a sneasel, Magmar will fall.  Im going to show you the most efficient way for Magmar to work!

"okay, so this is just a Blaine's Magmar deck, but I'm not quite sure what to put in aside from magmar, and what to to keep from losing from lack of bench; here's what I have so far

4 Blaine's Magmar
2 Fossil Moltres

moltres are there to keep a prescence on the becnh, and to put the extra
fires I'll be drawing onto something useful

4 computer Search
4 Pokemon March
these are the surest ways to get a second ot third pokemon on the bench
46 Fire Energy
obviously, these are to keep hittting my opponet for 100 each turn
I don't care about modified format, since I don'y even know if tourneys
exist anymore..
and I'm sure I can get whatever I need

Ok cool.  As soon as I saw blaines magmar, i felt like this is a deck i should share.  From experience, i can say this really is a powerful deck theme. 

Anyway, now to the fixes.  First off, pokemon march is has better substitutes such as Lanettes Net Search, which give you a free pokemon (and not your opponent), and Pokemon Fan Club.  Second, you leave yourself a little weak to (S)ER's and heavy hitters.  This is why Focus Band, Blaine, and No Removal Gym were created.  Since you couldnt fit (S)ERs of your own, its perfect.  Finally, you know that decking is a big problem, so use Town Volunteers! 

~~~6 pokemon~~~
4 Blaines Magmar
1 Elekid
1 Tyrogue
~~~17 trainers~~~
4 Focus Band
4 Blaine
3 CPU Search
3 Town Volunteers
2 Pokemon Fan club
1 No Removal Gym
~~~37 energy cards~~~
37 Fire energy

Now everyone has their own tastes for Magmar.  I once used him with more babies.  I've seen him used with Typhlosion(Genesis and SuperSinge), Entei and scoop ups, and the less effective 4 Blaines magmar 4 Town Volunteers 52 Fire energy.  This shouldnt be a deck for a tournament, but it sure is fun.  For casual play, I love this deck.  It really brings back memories to me.

I like keeping these things short and sweet. No obvious details or hour long flashbacks =P.  Now pass go and collect $200- cya next time and thanx for reading!!!