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“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

Oh, sorry ‘bout that.  I thought I was finally done fixing decks for a while, but then I noticed quite a few more that were hiding among the Dave Barry articles in my Inbox.  I guess a Deck Mechanic’s job is never finished as long as he (she) has readers. 

Anyway, here I was, just beginning to recover from getting shot by my enemies (“He's still alive. They hit 'im with five shots, and he's still alive! Well that's bad luck for me, and bad luck for you if you don't make that deal!”—I mean…getting over a cold…Yeah, let’s go with that—when a distraught customer comes to me begging for me to fix his horrible mess of a deck* (“I want you to use all your power, all your skills…”)

Well, I owed him a favor from a time where he helped me (“Some day, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me.”)  so I reopened my Garage.

Here’s the deck:

Hey, my name is Eric. I don't usually play at tournaments, & I haven't played in about 8 months, but I've been on pojo alot recently, so now I think I have a good feel about how to make a deck. The place that I used to play at uses "proxys" (cards copied from off the internet), so I can pretty much get any kind of card that I need for my deck. here it is:


Nameless (great title, huh?)


Pokes x 20:

Milotic x3

Feebas x 4

Swampert x1 (watercall)

Swampert x2 (water arrow)

Mudkip x4 (bubble, not sure if this is specific enough tho =-\)

Wobbuffet x2 (safeguard)

Dunsparce x4 (Strike & run or something like that)


Trainer x 26:

ancient tomb x1

Scott x1

Celio's network x2

vs seeker x2

stevens advice x3

rare candy x4

mr bs compassion x1

switch x4

reversal x4

potion x4


energies x14:

psychic x3

water x11


Its a modified deck (I think, if the modified now is rs-on then this deck is modified) that uses swampert as the main hitter, then uses milotic to heal after swampert KOs the defender. I put in dunsparce & wobbuffet for... umm... (thinks: is it a staple? or tech) oh whatever, they're just there. & briney to reuse the milotics, with vs seekers to either reuse the celios & stevens for draw power, or reuse the brineys. I didn't use walrein because the swamperts powers make a little combo that speeds up the energies, & swampert has better supporting attacks. hope u can make it better!

This deck seems like it could use a good fixing.  We’ll start with the Pokémon.

The Swampert line should be a 4/2/3 line and the Swampert should all be the Water Call variety.

-     All Mudkip/Marshtomp/Swampert

+ 4/2/3 Line of Mudkip/Marshtomp/(Water Call) Swampert**

+ 1 Swampert ex

Next, I’d like to slim down the Milotic line to a 2/2 line.

-     2 Feebas

-     1 Milotic

I also want to experiment with a 2/2 Delcatty line.

+2/2 line of whatever Delcatty I used on Monday…No!  Don’t shoot me!  I’ll tell you!

+2 Skitty (Minor Errand-Running

+ 2 Delcatty (Energy Draw)

Let’s also remove 1 Wobbuffet (tech) and replace it with a Suicune ex (also tech).

-     1 Wobbuffet

+ 1 Suicune ex


We’ll scrap it all (even the good stuff) and start from scratch.

Add my favorite draw engines 4/3 line of Steven/Copycat

Add the Rare Candies back in sans 1. 

Celio’s are good, but you need 2 more. 

1 VS Seeker is all you’ll be needing. 

2 Switch are fine, as are 2 Pokémon Reversal.

Finally, 1 ATM Rock and Strength Charm.

Energy: Swap the Psychic for Multi’s and you’re set.  Oh, and fill up the emptiness with Water.

Your final deck:

Pokémon: 23

[3] Dunsparce

[4] Mudkip

[2] Marshtomp

[3] Swampert (Water Call)

[1] Swampert ex

[2] Feebas

[2] Milotic

[2] Skitty

[2] Delcatty

[1] Suicune ex

[1] Wobbuffet

Trainers:  21

[4] Celio’s Network

[4] Steven’s Advice

[3] Copycat

[3] Rare Candy

[2] Pokémon Reversal

[2] Switch

[1] VS Seeker

[1] Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]

[1] Strength Charm

Energy: 16

[13] Water

[3] Multi

Well, that’s all I have to say.  By the way, if you’re old enough, go rent The Godfather.  You won’t regret it. 

* Just joking

** Yes, I know I removed the Swampert family only to add it right back in.  That’s okay.  I’m allowed to do that.

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