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Day 4

Hello readers. Today I take a break from the stressful job of deck fixing and do a fix in my home turf, Grass decks. Today’s specimen is one based on a great Pokémon that I built a deck around myself: Bellossom. Today’s deck is from Greg.

hi i am greg and i am just recently getting back into pokemon, i've been away for a couple of months.

20x grass


4x HL Oddish

2x HL Gloom

3x HL Bellossom

2x Paras (knows call for family and toxic spore)

1x Dodrio(knows tri-attack and has poke body retreat aid)

3x HL Dodrio

1x Parasect(knows energy powder and toxic spore)

4x HL Ddoduo


2x Warp point

2x Wally's training

2x Celios Network

2x Prof. Birch

2x Switch

2x Strength charm

3x Bill's Maintenance

2x Stevens advice

2x Life herb

1x Desert Ruins

I think Bellossom is so good because of its versatility. Heal Dance keeps it and others alive while Miracle Powder afflicts the opponent with the status condition of your choice. Plus, Solarbeam hits for 50 damage. To reinforce this family, we’ll run a 4/2/4 line of Bellossom. Therefore, we have to add 1 Bellossom.

+ 1 Bellossom

Since Bellossom is fully-functional with just 1 energy, Parasect is unnecessary. We’ll drop ‘em to make space.

- Parasect line

Now we’ll add the Pidgeot family so you can always get the cards that you need.

+ 2/1/2 line of Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot (FRLG)

With Pidgeot, we can run a smaller Dodrio line.

- 1 Doduo

- 3 Dodrio (HL)

+ 1 Dodrio (FRLG)

The rest of the Pokémon should be fine.


This deck doesn’t run enough basics for Dunsparce, so we’ll play 3 Great Balls instead.

+ 3 Great Ball

3 Rare Candy should speed up the evolution process.

+ 3 Rare Candy

I’m going to recommend the usual draw engine of 4 Steven’s Advice and 3 Copycat

+ 4 Steven’s Advice

+ 3 Copycat

With these cards in place, we don’t need Professor Birch or Wally’s Training

- ALL Professor Birch

- ALL Wally’s Training

Drop the Warp Points and add 3 Pokémon Reversal.

- 2 Warp Point

+ 3 Pokémon Reversal

We’re also going to remove the Life Herb and make the Stadium Low-Pressure System

- 2 Life Herb

- 1 Desert Ruins

+ 2 Low-Pressure System

Finally, drop Bill’s Maintenance and 1 Strength Charm and add 1 ATM Rock.


Just remove a few, leaving your deck with 60 cards.

Final Count:

Pokémon: 20

[4] Oddish

[2] Gloom

[4] Bellossom

[2] Pidgey

[1] Pidgeotto

[2] Pidgeot

[3] Doduo

[2] Dodrio (FRLG)

Trainers: 22

[4] Steven’s Advice

[3] Copycat

[3] Great Ball

[3] Rare Candy

[3] Pokémon Reversal

[2] Low-Pressure System

[2] Switch

[1] Strength Charm

[1] Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]

Energy 18

[18] Grass Energy

Ahh…Fixing Grass decks is always relaxing…

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