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Kyle Theaker's Deck Garage


Day 3

Hello again. Today I have another Modified deck to share with you. This deck is called Quickplay and it comes from Ivan.

The name of my deck is Quickplay. It's a modified deck and I have access to almost any card out there. The main focus is to get milotic and ninetales out quick.


4 Dunsparce

4 Feebas (EM)) with the poke body

3 Milotic (HL)

1 Milotic EX

4 Vulpix (HL)

4 Ninetales (HL)

1 Moltres ex

1 Articuno ex


1 Battle Frontier

3 Celio's Network

2 High Pressure System

4 Life Herbs

3 Stevens Advice

2 Mr. Stones Project

2 Switch


10 Fire Energy

11 Water Energy

Wow…I basically said what he said. Anyway, since the goal is to get out a quick Milotic and Ninetales to do quick damage, we need to drop the Legendary ex Birds. They’re great cards, but I’m going to try to stick closer to the theme. I’m also going to attempt to keep this deck Pidgeot-free as running Pidgeot would require running extraneous Rare Candies.

- Articuno ex

- Moltres ex

Our next cut will be to the Ninetales family. I’m going to drop a Vulpix and a Ninetales to make a fast 3/3 line.

- 1 Vulpix

- 1 Ninetales

The rest of the Pokémon look fine.


Let’s strengthen our Draw engine by adding 1 Steven and 3 Copycat.

+ 1 Steven’s Advice

+ 3 Copycat

Now we’re going to add 1 Celio’s Network to get the Pokémon you need.

+ 1 Celio’s Network

We don’t need life Herb; Milotic is great for healing.

- 4 Life Herb

Now we’ll add the Strength Charm that is typical of most modified decks.

1 VS Seeker gets back one of the many Supporters that this deck runs.

Finally, we’ll run 2 Pokémon Reversal to bring up vulnerable Basics for a quick KO.


Only 1 change here. Drop 1 Water Energy for a Multi. Multi acts as what you need most. On second thought, drop a Fire as well.

Final Deck:

Pokémon: 18

[4] Dunsparce

[4] Feebas

[3] Milotic

[1] Milotic ex

[3] Vulpix

[3] Ninetales

Trainers: 22

[4] Celio’s Network

[4] Steven’s Advice

[3] Copycat

[2] Switch

[2] Mr. Stone’s Project

[2] Pokémon Reversal

[2] High-Pressure System

[1] Battle Frontier

[1] Strength Charm

[1] VS Seeker

Energy: 20

[10] Water

[9] Fire

[1] Multi

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