Hey I just wanted to know if you could please help me with my deck. It is
plant and fire and I do petty good with it I haven't been in many
tournaments.  Heres my deck.

4 Vulpix
2 Ninetales
2 Magmar(1 basic 1 fossil)
2 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venusaur
2 Scyther
2 Grimer
1 Muk

3 Dbl. Colorless
10 Plant Energy
18 Fire Energy

2 Comp. Search
2 Trader
2 Gust of wind
1 Clefairy Doll
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Impostor Oak

Strategy: My strategy is to get out my Scyther and magmar to hold off the
opponent while I pump up Ninetales or Venusaur on my bench.  The SER help a
lot to mess up your opponent.  My Comp.Searches and Traders help me get out
my big hitters faster.

I think I need some help with my trainers. I'm not sure what ones I need the
most so if you can help I'd greatly appreciate it.


Oh and I call my deck Flaming Forest.
Well first off, you need to decide whether you want Venusaur or Muk.  They
do not work well together, and trying to split the difference takes up
valuable card slots.  I would suggest staying with Muk, because this pokÚ
completely changes the game once he comes out.  So then, let's start by
dropping the entire Venusaur line, and opening up 5 card slots.  We'll need
these spaces when we revamp the trainers, which right now are in disarray. 
For now, though, let's work on the pokÚs.
Fossil Magmar has really replaced the original... the 20 more HP and faster
attacks make fossil Magmar a much more reliable choice.  With that in mind,
I'd suggest you replace your original Magmar with the new version.  Let's
see... if we want to use Muk on a regular basis, we'll need more than one. 
Let's take out a Vulpix (3 should be enough) and add in a Muk.  Now that we
have 2 Muk, we want 3 Grimer, so let's dip into the card reserve and add
one. Now, I think, we should put in another Scyther.  It never hurts to have
a pokÚ with 70 HP, resistance to fighting, and a free retreat. This will
leave us with 3 open card slots.  Ok, so now your deck focuses on Ninetales
and Muk, with basic support from Magmar and Scyther... that's a nice setup. 
What we need to do now is get the trainers and energy ratios right.
You're using 31 energy here, which is a ton.  Most decks don't run over 28,
and even that's high.  With fire, though, you often need the energy because
of the discarding costs.  I'd like to start by taking out 3 fire E and 1
grass E, and replacing them with 4 Energy Search.  Searches are great
because they act just like an E of either colour, and they help you get out
other cards faster.  We may do some more with the energy later, but for now
let's move on to the trainers.
You were absolutely correct when you said you need trainer help... let's
try to clean these up a little.  Ok, first off Clefairy Doll and Imposter
Oak are gone.  Lose 'em.  They aren't as useful as what we'll replace them
with, and by taking them out we up our open card slots to 5.  We need card
drawing in this deck (actually, in almost all decks), so let's put in 3 Bill
and 2 Oak.  Hm... those empty card slots went by fast, but you really needed
the card drawing.
You have a lot of energy in here, so I wouldn't worry about needing more
than one Retrieval.  I would like to see another DCE though, so let's take
out a Fire E and put in a double cololess.
I think with that, you should have a pretty solid deck... it evolves rather
a lot, but what you have is all good stuff.  Of course, you can tinker
around and see what works best for you -- you may run just fine with less
energy, and that would give you room for more trainers.  Or, if you find you
need the energy, then stick with what you have... just feel free to
experiment.  I hope this helps, and good luck!