>From: Wulfedawg0@aol.com
>To: zluther@hotmail.com
>Subject: (no subject)
>Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 15:04:34 EST
>Happy Holidays to you Z.  I was hoping that you could please help me fix up
>my deck.  If you would i would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.
>2 Squirtle
>1 Wartortle
>1 Blastoise
>2 Bulbasaur
>1 Ivysaur
>1 Nidoran F
>1 Nidorina
>2 Nidoran M
>1 Nidorino
>1 Krabby
>1 Kingler
>2 Magikarp
>1 Garydos
>1 Mewtwo
>1 double colorless
>14 Grass
>13 Water
>5 Psychic
>2 Potions
>3 Bills
>2 Energy retrievals
>1 Pokeball
>1 Pokemon Breeder
Happy holidays to you, as well.  Your deck looks like it needs a little more
focus.  The mewtwo isn't helping out here, so drop it and the Psy energy. 
Focus on Water and Grass.

Tip: NEVER use just one of a pokémon in a deck.  You can drop the crabs
(hmm... that didn't sound right).  You can also lose Krappy and Gyar. 
They're not gonna help you here.  Drop at least one of the Nido lines (your
choice).  If you keep one, try to go at LEAST 3/2 on it, ok?

Focus on some stronger basics... Arti, Lapras, Scyther, Pinsir, that kind of
stuff.  Don't get so worked up about the evolutions, because they usually
work better when they have an entire deck built around them.  I wouldn't
even bother with Blasty -- he's better in a mono-water deck.

Try to get more Ivysaur in here.  His little auto-poison attack is nifty. 

You need more and better trainers.  You have too much energy, so you can
drop some to make room.  Good job with the 3 Bill, but put in 2 Oak as well.
  I've cut out the stage 2, so I guess you won't need the Breeder any more. 
Try to get stuff like GoW, Scoop Up, and Energy Removal in here... they're
standard fare in the winning decks.

Good luck!


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