Subject: electric whirlwind
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:06:40 EST

Electric Whirlwind

3 eevee
3 pidgey
2 pidgeotto

1 electabuzz
2 jolteon
1 zapdos (fossil)
3 magnemite
2 Magneton (1 fossil, 1 base)

1 scyther

4 defenders
2 bills
2 energy retrieval
2 switch
2 energy removal
3 super potion
1 poke trader
1 oak
2 gust of wind
3 potion


18 electric energy
2 double colorless

my strategy is to get out a pidgey and keep switching their pokemon and
evolve to pidgeotto. once all there pokemon have damage on them i can bring
out magneton and self destruct with defenders on it,  then if it takes any
damage heal it with potions and super potions. Scyther is in there in case a
fighting pokemon comes out and has a weakness to grass.
This is a fairly interesting deck idea, but I'm concerned about the wisdom
of trying to use magneton's Self Destruct more than once.  First, you'll
have to HAVE the defenders in your hand for this to work.  Otherwise, you're
just giving up prizes, and that's no good.

I would suggest trying to add in more powerful basics; more Buzz, more
Scyther, you know how it works.  You'll probably be safe in dropping the
pigeons -- I don't consider them all that great.  In truth, Spearow/Fearow
are better, not to mention easier to find.

I'd also suggest a little more energy in this deck, as you're running quite
low for a deck that focuses on evolutions.  Try to up your DCE to four.

I'm not sure how much one Zapdos will help you, so if you decide to keep it
in there, make sure you add another.

Because you have so little E, I would not recommend the Super Potions --
they'll just have you discarding more E, and that's not helpful.  While
we're on the subject of trainers, you should put in another Bill and another
Oak.  Another GoW wouldn't hurt either.  If you plan to be searching for
pokemon out of your deck, you'll also want more than one Trader.

Make a few changes, and see where it leads.  Tinker around with it from
there, but you have a pretty solid beginning.  Just remember that Buzz has
won more games than Magneton.  ^_~


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