Subject: please rate this deck!!! The Perfect Deck!!!

2 Articuno
2 Moltres
2 Zapdos(fossil)
2 Dratini
2 Dragonair
1 Dragonite
10 Water
10 Fire
10 Electic
2 D.C.E
3 Energy Retrival
2 Recycle
2 Energy Search
2 Potion
2 Energy Removal
2 Pokeballs
2 Bills
2 Oaks

    The basic idea is to send out a pokemon and let it get beat up or have a
dratini and use that to its fullest. Any if you send out a pokemon try to
pump up others and if you have a dragonite that use step in and crush the
oppentent with masive powers and bench disrupters!!!!
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Yeesh... all three Mythic Birds?  What the heck’s goin’ on here?  Now I know
you’re going for a no-weakness theme here... but don’t you think this is
taking it a bit far?  I know the potpourri worked with 3 colours (I only
count colours of energy, not of pokémon), but those were all FAST basics. 
These are SLOW basics.  That intrinsic difference will be the difference
between a good deck and a poor deck.

And what’s up with the pokéballs?  Trader is better.  Really.  Other than
that, your trainers are actually rather well thought out (except for the
potions -- are they for Zapdos?)  BUT! that’s not enough to keep me from
ripping this deck!

Your ratio on the Dragons is incorrect.  You have only two of the basic, and
just one stage 2.  Here’s a big tip: if you want to make a certain card a
big part of your deck, put MORE THAN ONE IN!  Also, I don’t think the
Dragonite is necessary in the first place.  Dragonair is a more useful card,
and is faster to boot.  So take out the Dragonite and add another Dratini,
to make a nice 3/2 evolution ratio.

Now comes the time where you must choose what colours you are going to keep,
because I do not think this will work as it is.  Choose to drop either water
or fire or lightning.  I cannot make this choice for you... you must decide
what kind of deck this will be.  Once you’ve chosen which colour will be
dropped, you should add in strong basics from the colours that you kept. 
Their speed is necessary, especially in a deck based around very slow pokés
that are quite vulnerable to ER.

Other than that, I’m not really sure what to tell you.  I don’t want to
totally change your theme, but at the same time I want to give you the best
chance of winning with your deck.  That’s why I’m trying not to make this
into a haymaker variation (tempting as it may be).  I know you’re just
trying to be creative, and come up with a deck with “no weaknesses”... but
honestly, hubris doesn’t help.  If perhaps you hadn’t called it the “perfect
deck” I might have been less impatient with you.  But anyway.  Try making
this deck a little more manageable, and then see what happens.  I think
you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your wins increase.


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