I have done IT! I have created a Mulli-Mew deck that is better than the
droppings you scrape off your toe in the woods.

2 Mewtwo
2 Chansey

4 Energy Retrievals
4 Energy Search
4 Potions
4 Super Potions

40 Psi energy

Stall w/ Chansey until Mewtwo is powered up with at least 6 psi energy.
Send him out and Barrier until they run out of cards. The potions keep
Mewtwo alive and the searches and retreivals are for near the end when
another Mewtwo is out.
Aaah!  No!  Not another MullieMewtwo!  *sigh* I had thought we were done
with this deck forever... shoot.  Ah well, I must not show my bias (did I
mention that I hate this deck?).

Here are your problems: having only 4 basics makes you very likely to
mulligan (duh, that’s what you wanted), and leaves you susceptible to early
KOs.  Also, I know you’ve tried to minimize this, but ER still screws you. 
Your opponent can ER Mew2 while he’s on the bench, then gust him up for the
easy kill.  Once your mew2 is gone, you have no hope, as Chansey can only do
so much by itself.  Actually, you’d be better off (IMO) just using Chansey’s
double-edge, and potioning/super-potioning to get extra whomps in.  As it
stands, however, you’ll have a hard time doing that; you have but 2 Chansey.

As for making this better?  Sheesh.  Well, about all I can think of is
trading out some trainers (say 2 Energy Searches) for a couple Traders. 
That’ll help you get out the poké you need faster.

Other than that, I just dislike the deck.  Even if it works perfectly, it
still has only a 50% chance of winning, depending on the coin flip.  You
see, people are bright these days, and if they see a handful of Psy energy? 
Yeah, they’ll choose not to draw their extra 2 cards.  I know this deck
worked for a while, and was a terror at one point.  All that has changed,
however.  I’m sorry, but I just don’t think this deck style can survive in
the current metagame.


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