This is my deck

4 electric buzz
4 pikachu (b)
52 thunder energy
Yikes!  Weíre gonna have to do some MAJOR reconstructive surgery here.  The
problems I see here are myriad: only 8 pokťmon (fortunately all basic), WAY
too much energy, and NO TRAINERS!  That, in itself is the most amazing
thing, because trainers are KEY in this game.  You WILL NOT win without

Well, letís fix.  First off, I like the 4 buzz.  An excellent choice.  The
base set pikas, however, Iím not so thrilled about.  Replace those Pikas
with Jungle Pikachu, as that version is really superior.  Since we have so
many Pikachu, it would be a shame to not have Raichu, as well.  Let us then
add in 3 Raichu, 2 of them from the base set and one fossil.  You can, of
course, remove 3 Lightning energy to make room.

Actually, letís right now drop your energy down to 22.  Now we have 27(!)
open card slots, to do wonderful things with.  So!  We need fighting
resistance, so add in 2 fossil Zapdos and 3 Scyther (I know these cards are
rare, but since you didnít mention a card shortage, Iíll assume you have
everything available).

On to the trainers!  We have room for 22 of Ďem, which is quite nice.  Letís
start with 3 Bill and 2 Oak, right off the bat.  Letís also give you 3 Gust
of Wind, and... say... 3 Energy Removal.  2 Super Energy Removal would also
be nice, so letís do that.  Now maybe... 2 Comp Search and 3 PlusPower. 
With our four remaining card slots, we shall add 2 Scoop Up and 2 Defender
(just to help out with Buzz and Zappy damaging themselves).

I think that should do it!  You now have a tourney-playable deck, and you
can expect to win a few games.  Have fun!


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