Souper, thank you for reading this mail, you don't need to post it, though I
would appreciate it.  I have been playing for a while and have made a decent
deck.  I modified it when fossil came out and haven't tested it much.
Here is my Deck Idea: Green Thumb
Energy: 24
20 grass energy
4 Dble. Colorless energy

Pokemon: 21
4 Nidoran Female
3 Nidoqueen
4 Meowth
3 Persian
3 Grimer
2 Muk
2 Scyther

Trainers: 15
4 Computer search
3 Pokemon Breeder
4 Bills
2 Oaks
2 plus Power

 The basic strategy of the deck is to get otu a persian, Nikoqueen, or
scyther quickly.  The get out Muk to control Damage Swap,  Gengar Decks,
Blastoise, and Areodactyle decks.  Though it is a grass deck it also
functions as a haymaker.

Thanks A lot,
Joey Marion at

Okay, lets see...  This looks fairly well built, but some changes could be
made.  The first thing I notice is the nidoqueen, and I see two things. 
First, nidoking is better.  Toxic is very good, and nidorino has nidoqueen's
attack.  Second, the breeders seem out of place.  You use them if you need
fast evolution, such as raindance, or if you have several stage twos, and
neither of those is happening here.  So I'd make the nidoqueens nidokings and
make the family 4/3/2, no breeders.   Use the space to add another pluspower.
 These help a lot more than they look like they would, and grass deal fairly
low damage anyway.  Now the problem I see is lack of trainers.  This is one
of those decks that seems like there just isn't enough space for all the
cards you want.  I'd try to add a couple more grass energy and some removals,
but you'd be well over 60 cards.  I'm considering dropping the persian and
meowth, but you'd have nothing to fight those annoying magmars or counter the
muk's and the king's psy weakness.  This is a tough decision, but take those
out and one com. search.  The scyther's the only one weak to fire anyway, and
with 4 searches you'll end up with the search but no extras to discard for it
in your hand. That leaves 8 slots.  Add four removals, two supers, and two
grass energy.  Lastly, switch a double colorless for another scyther.  I
think that's all I can do with it.  Here it is-

3- Double colorless
22- Grass

4- Nidoran M
3- Nidorino
2- Nidoking
3- Grimer
2- Muk
3- Scyther

3- Com. Search
4- Bill
2- Prof. Oak
3- Pluspower
4- Energy Removal
2- Super Energy Removal

Switches and/or gusts could be added, but that's up to you.  It's not
perfect, but like every deck, you should playtest it and see it's strengths
and weaknesses.  Like many decks, this will probably have problems with
haymaker.  But It could be pretty good.  Just try to get the evolution going

                                        Good luck,