This is my deck called Explosion. People willlearn a small lesson from this
deck so please post it. The main cause is to get damage out quickly and hit
the most powerful opponent pokemon first. Well her is the deck:

14 Leaf Energy
14 Electric Energy

4 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur
1 Venusaur
3 Voltorb
1 Electrode
2 Scyther
3 Pikachu
1 Raichu (basic)
2 Pinsir
1 Zapdos (basic)

3 Super Potion
2 Energy Retrival
3 Potion
2 Bill
2 Gust of Wind

My problem is I never get the right energy at the right time and I end up
losing the pokemon like the Zapdos and Venusaur. The energy is plentiful but
my friends say my deck is short and is too risky. What should I do to clear
up my mess?
Card drawing.  Two bills aren't gonna do it, and with more drawing you can
drop some of those energies.  The first thing I'd do is drop two of each
energy and the Zapdos.  You seldom want one of a card in your deck and basic
zapdos is horrible.  This leaves enough space for two more bills and three
professor oak, these should drastically help the energy problem.  You need to
cut down on the families too, I'd drop the electrode.  Voltorb is very weak
and electrode isn't that great; I assume he's partially in there for the
energy.  Drop them and add an ivysaur, a venusaur, and a raichu.  Now for the
trainers.  I've never found potions helpful enough for the space they take
up, I'd take them out for something more useful.  I'd add four removals and
two supers.  Lastly, I'd take out the pinsirs for another scyther and, using
a previosly opened slot, two computer search.  Pinsir are nice, but with
their lower HP, fairly high costs, and the recent popularity of fossil
magmar, I think they need to go.  So here it is-

Energy (24)
12 Leaf Energy
12 Electric Energy

Pokemon (17)
4 Bulbasaur
3 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
3 Scyther
3 Pikachu
2 Raichu (basic)

Trainers (19)
2 Energy Retrival
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Com. Search
4 Bill
3 Prof. Oak
2 Gust of Wind

Just some minor changes, but hopefully it will solve the energy problem,
which probably was because of the lack of card drawing, too many families,
and high energy costs.  That should help it out, though.

                                                Good luck,