My deck is called "Playing With Fire". It usually does good in tournies, and
the new fossil Magmar has really helped it. However, sometimes the water
cards give some trouble. Any idea on how to improve my deck?

Basic Pokemon
2 Magmar (Base Set)
2 Magmar (Fossil Set)
4 Charmander (Good attacker)
3 Ponyta (Also good)
3 Growlithe
3 Jigglypuff (Good staller, OK attack)

Stage 1
3 Charmeleon (Very strong)
2 Arcanine (Very powerful)
2 Rapidash (Agility really helps)
2 Wigglytuff (Do The Wave is good)

20 Fire Energy (I think I need more)
2 Double colorless (Help Wiggly/Pony)

2 Mr. Fuji (Save Pokes, and return energy to my deck)
2 Energy Retrieval (Fire discards a lot)
2 Bill (To help get cards)
2 Computer Search (Really good)
2 Professor Oak (Good when you have a small hand)
2 Gambler (No discard, unlike Oak)

I try to use this deck at the start using Fossil Magmar/Jiggly to stall, and
Charmander to help fight, until I power up Growlithe and Charmander to
Arcanine and Charmeleon. Base Magmar helps deal heavy damage. Rapidash helps
stall with Agility. Wiggly helps over come my Water-weakness. Thanx, and I
hope you can help my deck. Also, I have a few Charizard, but I don't use
them, because I find Stage 2 evolutions to be slow, and 'Zard takes a while
ot re-energize ( but should I add them anyways?).
This is a good example of how I'd like to get all my decks.  It's organized
and has an explanation of the strategy and the purpose of the cards.  I'd
have grouped the evolutions together, though.  Anyway, let's get to the
cards.  The first things I notice are too many pokemon, not enough energy and
not enough trainers.  I'd first take out the charmeleons.  Arcanine is
similar but probably a little better, and you don't want too many discarding
attacks.  Charizard would be more trouble than it's worth, since you already
have a lot of pokemon.  Add three fire energy, two Bills, and a Professor
Oak.  These are very useful, especially in an evolution deck.  Take out the
base set magmars and add another fossil magmar, they are much better with
higher HP, lower costs, poison, and chance of taking no damage.  Though you
don't discard with gamblers, you still lose your hand for a risk of getting
nothing, so those could go.  Add two gust of wind, these are great for
messing up your opponent.  The Mr. Fugi is like a scoop up, but doesn't seem
necessary, and without the charmeleons' discarding attacks,  the retrievals
could go too.  You could probably use some removals, they're nice in almost
any deck.  They slow down your opponent and sometimes leave him stranded
without energy.  There should be enough space for four removals and two
super.  Here it is-

Pokemon (18)
3 Ponyta
2 Rapidash
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
3 Growlithe
2 Arcanine
3 Magmar (Fossil Set)

Energy (25)
23 Fire
2 Double Colorless

Trainers (17)
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Bill
2 Com. Search
3 Prof. Oak
2 Gust of Wind

The magmar are good starters and quick, and the rapidash are fairly quick and
can stall with their agility.  Arcanine can deal some high damage and when
the bench fills up later in the game wigglytuff can deal some high damage
too.  It's fairly well rounded, but weak to raindance and probably haymaker. 
So there you go.

                                                    Good luck,