> Deck Name: CleanupReason for deck name: I want my deck to
> have strong cards and cards that can damage my opponent's
> bench.Types: Grass & ElectricStatus: Was good, starting to
> go bad.Cards:13 Electric Energy10 Grass Energy2 Bulbasaur1
> Ivysaur2 Venonat1 Oddish1 Gloom1 Vileplume1 Base Pikachu1
> Jungle Pikachu1 Base Raichu1 Fossil Raichu2 Voltorb1
> Jungle Electrode1 Bad Electrode (Japenese)1 Tangela1
> Fossil Zapdos1 Ekans1 Nidoran o->1 Nidorino1 Koffing1
> Weezing1 Magnemite2 Weedle2 Kakuna1 Beedrill1 Pokemon
> Trader1 Professer Oak1 Switch1 Super Potion1 Super Energy
> Removal1 Energy Search2 Energy Retrieval

Yes, you surely do need to clean this deck up. I don't think

one oddish can hold up a vileplume so you need to recount
your method. And I see you have some Fossil in there and
that expasion hasn't been out that long so the reason why
your undefeated streak is lost is because you just might
had some beginners luck, but yet I see that you have a Jap.
Electrode and you have to be sure you know it's moves be-
cause you surely can't play with that in a real tournament
the American Rocket comes out. But back to the deck; it
isn't good to throw just any trainer you aren't sure of
when you need more Basic cards for your evolution cards.

                    Keep try'n,