> 2 poliwrath
> 2 poliwhirl
> 3poliwag
> 2psyduck
> 2golduck
> 2magikarp
> 2gyrados hard hitter
> 1ditto semi staller
> 1articuno semistaller
> 2bill
> 1oak
> 1gambler
> 2switch
> 2pokeball
> 4er
> 1ser
> 3gow
> 2potion
> 24water energy
> 1dbcl
> ok as u might have guessed it is an er deck

What I usually recommend to energy removal decks is to have
morepokemon that can do this trick, but it seems that you
sure have enough.
Also more super removals because you know that just one
won't do a
trick to a Charizard(if that's what you're after). The GOW's
a good
idea since you can keep the same guy alive to kill its
original opponent.
Actually your deck doesn't have too many flaws, yet the
Gyrados is
known not to be such a hard hitter, but having it all a
water theme keeps
it real.

                              A clean deck,