I don't think that double colorless energy will help you that much unless you have a colorless poke'mon so you should take one off. With all that energy I'm thinking you'd want maybe one more electric poke'mon to make it a little more even and add one more grass energy somehow.

The PoJo wrote:

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Subject: grass/electric
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 14:11:43 -0500
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  Hi! I made this up from other commonly used cards in other decks. I haven't play'd in any big tournys, yet. But have used it.
3 bulbasaur
2 ivysaur
1 venasaur
2 tangla
1 zapdos
2 pikachu
1 raichu
2 Bill
1 Proffesor Oak
3 potion
1 revive
15 grass energy
13 electric energy
2 double colorless energy
  This is mostly an against water deck and is weak to fire/psy decks. It focuses on mostly the venasurs but has great back-up. My e-mail adress is game__man@hotmail.com ~Master, Chris Wilson