Every now and then, a deck mechanic gets the opportunity to mess with their own card collections and play with deck ideas, modify old decks, and test them out at leagues and tournaments. It is a lot of fun to play the game, even for us older foxes *^_^*

But what makes a deck win? A tight theme and solid strategy. Beyond the normal things I talk about in my deck fixes, making sure you have the right amount of pokemon, energy, and trainers, choosing your theme is perhaps just as important. The tighter and stronger your strategy, the further you'll see your deck making it in tournaments.

I recently put together this deck and have been playing it regularly. It is undefeated thus far in about 10 games, yielding only 5 prizes total in all 10 games. It is quick and offensive, and has enough to deal with other archetypes out there to keep you in the game no matter who you are playing.

First, let me give you my pokemon choices and I will discuss why they are there.

Pokemon (12 Basic + NO Evols = 12 Total):
4 Mewtwo (Movie)
4 Electabuzz
4 Chansey The design of this deck is to provide either 40 or 80 damage on turn 2. While your Mewtwo or Electabuzz is up front dishing damage, you build a Chansey on the bench to finish off the larger pokemon in a single blow.

Chansey is also in here to deal with psychic decks, which seem to have become a staple on the tournament scene. Single-handedly, they shut down other Mewtwo decks, build up their energy, and then take out the critter in a single double-edge. Quite effective in dealing with these menaces. Also, facing a stall deck, you can Gust out Alakazam and do the same to him.

Against Blastoise decks you have Electabuzz, a solid choice.
Against Hitmonchan, you have the mighty Mewtwo, who takes him out in a single Psyburn.

This deck does run on the low side of pokemon, only 12, but I have never had problems with this number thanks to the choice of trainers. But first... energy.

Energy (20 Basic + 4 DCE = 24 Total):
12 Psychic
8 Electric
4 Double Colorless Energy

I've found that 8 electric has been more than sufficient for this deck. The reason for the more psychic is to help with Mewtwo's Psyburn, which requires 2 psychic and another. But, now that I've shown you the pokemon and energy, let's look at my choices of trainers. You'll immediately notice an almost forgotten combination... and it exists for the sole purpose of surprising the opponent with a quick prize that they won't see coming.

Trainers (24 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
1 Gambler
3 Computer Search
2 Pokemon Flute
4 Gust of Wind
4 Super Energy Removal
3 Item Finder

I know what you are thinking... Pokemon Flute? But how often do you witness your opponent using a pokemon you could KO in a single hit as discard fodder for a Computer Search, Item Finder, Energy Retrieval, Professor Oak, and the like? Or, you take out such a pokemon and would love to see another one in play to do the same with? Well, with only 2 in the deck, they don't become an issue of worry. Thanks to the Oaks, Comptuer Searches, and Item Finders, you can always use them as discard fodder yourself... but when given the opportunity, exchanging 2 trainers for a KO is a good trade. So, Pokemon Flute that pokemon back into play, then Gust of Wind it up front for the one-shot surprise KO.

The rest of the trainers should fairly well speak for themselves. There is A LOT of card drawing in this deck, but it helps to secure your position of dominance in the game early. The Professor Oaks, Computer Searches, and Item Finders can be used to discard energy to your discard pile so that Mewtwo can Energy Absorb it up onto himself for a turn 2, 40 damage. Likewise, use the Computer Searches after getting 2 energy on a Chansey to go in and find a double colorless energy to toss on him and send the big egg up front for some massive damage dealing. The 4 SERs and 4 Gusts will keep your opponent disrupted. And the Item Finders will help you with either card drawing or disruption, depending on your need. I've found them most useful to go after Gusts again... in some games I'd gust 5 or 6 times to take a prize every time by it.

Hopefully you'll get some of your own ideas off this deck and learn some of the principles of deck design and theme and how they can enhance a deck to winning status. Good luck to you all.