WHOA!!!!!!   A deck of multiples!  Everyone needs to learn from this
man.  Thank you thank you thank you!  Someone has been reading deck garges! 

     The only thing I can see you need to do is, drop 2 Fighting, 3 Grass,
and add 3 Double Colorless and 2 Retrievals.

     Learn from this deck people, I beg you.


Hi well this deck hasn't played any tounies but it is playing at the next
I go to it has one a stall tourny at my house. It's like a haymaker I'm
thinking about the Mr.Mimes and sythers what should I do with them. I do
1 wigglytuff tobut I'm not sure what I should take out for him or should I
nothing with tuff or puff?

4 Hitmonchans
3 Mr.Mimes
2 sythers
3 eltabuzz
3 bill
2 professor oak- I never need the extra one.
3 gust of winds
2 plus power
2 computer search
4 energy removal
3 super energy removals
9 fighting energys
6 eletric energys
5 pyhsic energys
3 grass enregy