If you are going to run Stage 1 families, 4/3, 3/3, or 3/2 are the way
to go.  Run multiples...please!  You need more energy!  21 probably won't
cut it.  If you are going to run basics, 2-4 is the way to go.  The same
with the trainers.  You need multiples to draw what you need when you need
it.  3-4 are the safe way to go, unless you are running 3-4 Item Finders,
then you MIGHT be able to run 2.  There is too much variety in your deck. 
You need variety, but not to much.


Hello this deck is not tournament tested but has won more than small share
of games.

I call it Fighting Frenzy which has nothing to do with the strategy. This is
kind of like a fighting haymaker they're not many pokemon in here who take
to long to attack.

Heres the deck:

2 Machop- Quick Attacker
1 Machoke- the heavy hitter
3 Cubone- An ok staller really just for the quick marowaks
2 Marowak- a heavy hitter well kinda for 2 energy 60 damage
3 Hitmonchan- An all out attacker
1 Scyther- a quick attacker I'd have more of these but I'm strapped for cash
2 Faretch'd- The scyther supplement at times better than scyther.
1 Lickitung- For those pesky psychic pokemon- I got four heads with this
1 Kangaskhan- Wall and card drawer
1 Bill- obvious
2 Oak- obvious
3 ER- stalling
2 SER- major stalling
3 Gusts- for those unpowered high retreat pokemon
3 Switch- don't screw your own energy
2 Super Potion- to prolong the life of your pokemon
2 Scoop Up- to save yourself a prize
4 PlusPower- for faster kills
19 Fighting Energy
2 Double Colorless