Looking good. 4/4 and 3/3 on the Vulpix and Growlithe family is a very
good way to go.  LEARN FROM THIS PERSON!  Well, at least about the families.
  1/1 Doduo...bad!  3/2 or 3/3.  4 Hitmo is also good.  Energy is looking
good also.  LEARN FROM THIS!  The trainers are all wrong.  You will need
card drawing....2-4 Oaks and/or 2-4 Bills.  Comp Search, Item Finder, and
Plus Power--in multiples, of course.  Energy Removal is good in multiples
paired with Supers.  Good luck.


     This is my fire bunch deck i havn't played in any real tournament
i can't find one near me. i have had a couple with 7 or so of my friends i
useually win these well here is my deck.

pokemon 20

4 ninetales
4 vulpix
3 Arcanine
3 growlithe
1 dodou
1 dodrio
4 hitmonchan

energy 28

18 fire
10 fighting

trainers 12

1 pro oak
2 bill
2 energy removal
2 plus power
1 defender
2 energy retrieval
1 switch
1 full heal

well thats it