The main problem I see here, from personal experience, is that she seems
too reliant on 1 or 2 certain Pokemon types, Hitmo and Dragonair.  I know
the Dratini family rocks, but I put them to sleep, so to speak, with the
onset of Jungle.  If you want Real Power, I know it will be hard, but change
the Dratini family to Puff and Tuff.  Talk about power!  A lot of decks
today are trying to utilize Puff and Tuff to their full advantage, and I
have found it to be best in a Haymaker.
  The Doduo family is awesome.  Again, this is a family we have recently
discovered, and have fallen in love with.  The Retreat Aid and Rage,
combined with a 0 retreat make this family a great addition to most decks.
  The Farfetch'd, sadly, are being put to sleep everywhere.  Scyther is just
a better alternative.  I would suggest adding Electabuzz, or Mime, or
something to that effect, and halving your Fight and adding 10 Electric or
Psychic, whatever the case may be.
  Now, trainers.  Drop the Switch, you have the Doduo family.  Drop the
Potion, also.  You should run 2-4 Comp Search, 2-4 Item Finder, these are
awesome, the Oaks and Bills look fine, if you run Scoop run 2-3. I'm
guessing your wife knows what she is doing with Lass, another good card, 3/3
E.R./S.E.R., 2-4 Plus Power are a must, and if you make the switch to
another color, keep the Retrieval, if not drop them to make room for other
cards.  Good luck and happy hunting.


I'm submitting my wife's deck for some helpful suggestions.  For a while she
was regularly beating my "Psychic merry-go-round" deck (half Alakazam-damage
swap/half Haymaker),  then I changed to a more pure Haymaker  deck (similar
to Tyler's) and she can't ever seem to beat me.  Maybe you can suggest a few
changes (she won't listen to me, of course!).

I don't know her entire deck for sure, but here's the main stuff:

Energies (24)
4 double colorless
20 fighting

Pokemon (16)
4 Hitmochan
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
3 Doduo
2 Dudrio
2 Farfetch'd

Trainers (20)
2 Bills
2 Prof. Oaks
1 Computer Search
4 Energy Removals
2 Super Energy Removals
2 Switch
1 Scoop Up
3 Potions
1 Lass (don't know why?!)
2 Energy Retrievals

This may not be exactly her deck (I may have the Farfetch'd wrong--she
modifies this daily!), but in the main she was successful using Dragonair to
Hyper Beam away my energies while slowly pummeling me.  Dodrio helped her
switch Pokemon around at will.  Her Hitmonchan used to be effective against
my guys, especially when I tried using Chansey as a wall (Special Punch with
80 vs. a Fighter-weak Chansey).  But against my Haymaker now, she has lost
about 10 straight games.  Any suggestions?  She seems to like the Dragonair


Steve Diamond