Definately 2 more Scyther, drop everything below Scyther, and add 3
Jigglypuff/2 Wigglytuff.  This is a great family, and the best combo of
Pokemon I've seen in a Haymaker yet.  Run 3/3 ER/SER, and make the Imposters
into Item Finders.  Lastly, drop one Electric Energy and make it a Double
Colorless.  If you can fit them in, add 2-3 Comp Searches.   Good luck.

Yo, Josh
I'm writing to you because most of those decks you get stink then you make
them a hell'uva lot better. My Deck has been in alot of tourneys
and it hasn't lost a single freak'n match but I know you can make it better.
So please rate my deck.
           From Chris

  3 Hitmonchan
  3 Electabuzz
  1 Scyther (Need 2 More)
  2 Chansey
  2 Kangaskahn
  2 Clefairy
  2 Jigglypuff     15 Pokemon

  4 Energy Removals
  3 S.E.R
  3 Plus Power
  3 Gusts
  3 Bills
  2 Scoop Ups
  2 Imposters   20 Trainers

  10 Fighting Energy
  12 Electric Energy
  3 Dbl Energy   25 Energy
           60 Cards