First of all, drop the switches.  Dodrio is better, the effects of
Retreat Aid are cumulative, and he has Rage, which can really rock.  Drop
the Potions also, I, along with other deck mechs, have not found a GOOD use
for those commons yet.  If this is gonna be a true E.R. deck, add 3 to 4
S.E.R.  Add a couple of Oaks also, and if you can fit them in, add Item
Finder (2-3).  And add another Scyther.


this is my deck i've played it against people but never a tourney i come out
successful most of the time but now i've made some new modifications and i
want to see what you think of it here it is:

20 grass energy
4 double colorless energy
4 switch
4 potion
4 energy removal
4 bill
4 gust of wind
4 kangaskhan
4 dratini
3 dragonair
2 scyther
3 doduo
Heres the strategy:
its ideal to get a kangaskhan, scyther or doduo in your hand along with a
dratini and an energy removal or a bill.  with kangaskhan use fetch and then
next turn an energy removal and keep fetchin cards.  use  a potion if
neccesary. get your opponent mad by gust of winding their pokemon. then if
you have enough energy retreat the kangaskhan or let him die.  if doduo or
scyther is out retreat.  then bring out a dratini and evolve.  use energy
removals and the hyper beam attack to leave them helpless then slam them.
thats pretty much it.........thanks man.

Col. Spuzzem
(Co-leader of the spuzzem movement)