Not to shabby there Brian.  Drop the Switches for Item Finders,  drop the
Puff for 2 more Scyther and another Electabuzz, maybe fit in another Mime. 
Looks like it has promise.  I don't know if it is an odd Haymaker, but it
looks like you could have a winner.  Oh yeah, try to add 2 more DCE if you


Hey Josh. I need help with an odd haymaker i made the other day.  I find
it works well against my raindance deck, but i guess its only because my
sister plays it:)  Any way, it works pretty well and fast, but i find that i
have too little energy. Please help improve it, and give me a grade.

MindShock v1.0

Pokemon:     14

3 Jynx
2 Mr. Mime
2 Electabuzz  (all i got)
1 Scyther       (all i got)
3 Jigglypuff
3 Tauros

Trainers:   22

2 Switch
1 Item Finder
2 Comp. Search
3 Plus Power
3 Bill
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Prof. Oak
2 Scoop up
3 S.E.R
4 E.R

Energy:  22
9 Electric
11 Psi
2 Dbl. Colorless