First off, you are extremely weak to Fire.  The new Magmar will make you
cry.  The Pokeballs should be Traders and the Potions could be Comp Searches
and Item Finders could also be added.  Try to focus on as few families as
possible and run multiples of them.  Good luck.


Venom Grass Deck
The main purpose of my deck is to bring out a lot of little grass type
pokemon that will poison you. Then i evolve them into stonger guys that will
hit u a little harder whilestill poisoning you.
(I dont have much cards to work with, so this what i have so far.)
my deck consist of :

20 grass energy

3 caterpie
3 weedle
3 bellsprout
3 bulbasaur
2 kakuna
2 metapod
2 weepinbell
2 ivysaur
1 scyther (hopefully gettin another so im counting it as 2)


4 energy removal
4 potion
4 bill
4 plus power
2 pokeball

its 59 cards but hopefully im getting another scyther.