First of all, in a deck that is severly allergic to Fighting, you need
more than 1 Scyther.  Drop that 'Khan and something else and try to run 3 of
them.  A decent strategy I see with Electrode is to use the Basic version
and knock them out to put them on something big and fat...which is why I
suggest either the Basic or Fossil Zapdos--which resist Fighting.  Knocking
out those Electrodes, would also be good for the new Magneton.  If you could
somehow damage their bench enough to get them 20 away from death and then
Self-Destruct with Magneton, you could probably win the game.  But then
again, that strategy is a little far-fetch'd.  I would probably drop the
Eevee family to make room for more of the things you need.  More Traders,
less Retrievals, Oaks and maybe Item Finders would help you out some...and
just try some different things.  Good luck.


Judging from the article in your garage you will like this deck.  The
strategy is to get a good basic out and deal some good damage while you
up your bench with good evolutions.  Then when the basic dies, send out the
beefed up evolution and win the game.  The only problem is that the ever
popular Hitmonchar will rip right through this deck.

21 lightning

4 Voltorb
3 Electrode (2 base, 1 Jungle)
4 Magnemite
3 Magneton
3 Pikachu (all base)
2 Riachu
3 Eevee
2 Jolteon
3 Electabuzz
1 Scyther
1 Kangaskhan

2 Computer Search
3 Bill
4 Energy Retrieval
1 Pokemon Trader

Please help my deck!  I need to know how good it is!