I have about 100 decks sitting in my deck garage.  I don't want to
answer them because I don't have the patience.  I open up one, respond, then
open up another, and see the exact same thing.  I can't do it!  The
following are examples of good decks and how to play them.


   On the tourney scene, there are many decks and many attempts at a
Raindance.  Here is a GOOD one.






3-Item Finder
2-Comp Search
3-Energy Retrieval

23-Water Energy

       This is a Raindance deck, if you haven't figured it out yet.  You may
be wondering why certain cards are or aren't in here.  I will tell you why. 
I have tested the heck out of Raindance, and so far, this is the best I have
been able to make.

       NO BREEDERS! you say?  They don't work in here.  With only reason I
would use Breeders is if I ran the Poli Family.  Using Breeders with only
one Stage 2 Family is dangerous and takes up card space.

       LIKITUNG AND KANGASKHAN! you say?  Well, first of all, they are
decent walls.  Likitung is a great Mime counter, Mime being the only thing
so far that screws Raindance.  Kangaskhan gets you those critical cards with
Fetch, and if you have to, Comet Punch might be useful in a bind.

       RETRIEVALS! you say?  Yes, after much testing, they are Raindance
lifesavers.  But, don't take my word for it, try it yourself.

       And of course, Item Finder.  I am a true Item Finder convert.  They
are so useful, unless they are in your opening hand.  Then it just sucks. 
You can grab that critical Retrieval or Oak.

       I don't run Bills because you need to draw a big fat handful of cards
and not just 2.  That is why you see so many multiples in here.  Not only
for Oak'ing purposes, but for Item Finder and Comp Search fodder.

Haymaker (more commonly known as The North American Cheesemaker, this also
includes Hyro-Shotten-Ha-Ha-Ha)


3-Item Finder
3-Plus Power
3-Gust of Wind
2-Energy Removal
2-Super Energy Removal
2-Comp Search

4-Double Colorless

       PONYTA! you say?  Slap down a Double Colorless and Ponyta is a great
Meta-Game for Scyther, as well as other Grass Pokemon.  Only throw the
horsey out for that purpose.  Any other time, she will get beat, badly.

       Puff and Tuff are great in a lot of decks.  60 damage with a full
bench!  Able to kill most Basics in a single hit!  It's PUFF AND TUFF! 
(applause)  Add a Plus Power to Do The Wave, and there goes Hitmonchan and

       The rest is self-explanatory.

   Now here are some examples of piss-poor decks that come to me almost
every day.

1 Zapdos
1 Riachu
1 Electrode
2 Alakazam
1 Mr.Mime
1 Mewtwo
1 Pidgeot
1 Kangaskhan
1 Pikachu
1 Voltorb
2 Kadabra
2 Abra
1 Pidgeotto
1 Pidgey
1 Fearow
1 Spearow
12 Lightning Energy
22 Psychic Energy
4 Pokeball
1 Pluspower
1 Defenders
1 Pokemon Breeder

         It is bad.  Do I need to explain?

3  Bellsprout
2  Weepinbell
1  Victreebel
2  Nidoran (f)
1  Nidorina
2  Nidoran (m)
1  Nidorino
1  Paras
1  Parasect
1  Exeggcute
1  Exeggutor

2  Abra
2  Kadabra
1  Gastly
1  Haunter
1  Jynx
1  Mewtwo

1  Doduo
1  Dodrio
1  Meowth
1  Persian

13  Leaf Energy
10  Psychic Energy

1  Lass
1  Energy Removal
1  Poke`dex
1  Energy Retrieval
2  Gust of Wind
2  Potion

      The deck looks good at the beginning, but its crap as you go down. 

      In closing, multiples are the way to go to get what you want.  The
only time it's not acceptable is with Trainers, and that is if you run Item
Finders, then you can go skimpy on the Trainers.  But, if you don't want to
follow mine, or any other deck garages advice, go ahead.  No one is right
100% of the time.  Good luck.

             El Ravager