I've been working on this deck for quite some time now. I've been
thinking about using it in a large scale tournament. Could you please
give me some suggestions for my deck. It's strategy is basically
Haymaker. Strike quick with basic while building up my few "big"
pokemon in here. Also, is this deck good at all, or does it just suck.
Please tell me the truth, I'd rather know now then when I'm in a
tourney and realized I just waisted my money by entering. Well here's
the deck:

"Lightning Quick Punches"

12 Fighting Energy
12 Lightning Energy
2 Double-Colorless Energy
(Is this too few, or too many?)
<<This amount of energy is perfect for a Haymaker.>>

3 Farfetch'd
2 Pikachu (1 Jung. 1 Orig.)
1 Raichu
4 Electabuzz
(I got more of all the above cards if needed.)

2 Hitmonchan
2 Mankey
2 Primeape
3 Machop
2 Machoke
1 Machamp
(Same thing in () as above, I got more if needed.)
(From now on a ^ means I got more.)
<<Ok you have some cards that you need and others that just don't go. Take
out the Pikachu-Raichu, Raichu is deffinatley not for Haymakers. And niether
is the Machamp evo. You should concentrate more on the pokemon you really
need like Hitmonchan and Farfetch'd.>>

4 E. Removal^
3 S. E. Removal
2 Computer Search^
2 Prof. Oak^
1 Bill^
<<Looks good.>>

  Ok if you want your deck to be a good Haymaker take out the Machamp and
Raichu evos. This leaves you with seven cards, add 2 more Hitmons, and one
more Farfetch'd. Also it would help if you made it 3 Mankeys for Primeape.
You have 3 cards left, I would suggest adding three Scyther if you can, if
not add 3 Jigglypuff. Jiggly's a great basic and perfect for Haymakers.


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