3 squirtle
2 wartortle
2 blastoise
3 poliwag
2 poliwhirl
1 poliwrath
1 kangaskhan
3 nidoran M
2 nidorino
1 nidoking
1 scyther
2 pinsir
<<Alright, you'll need to change your ratio on Blastoise to 4-3-2, and the
Nidoking evo isn't really needed it could be subbed for something better.>>

14 grass
12 water (all i have)
2 d.c energy
<<You may want to get rid of the grass and make this a mono-water.>>

4 bill
2 oak
1 scoop up
2 trader
1 breeder
<<Hmm, the scoop up is useful but a breeder may do a better job in this

   Ok, I think another water evo for Blastoise to rain dance for would help
this deck out alot. The Seel-Dewgong evolution is great, swap out the
Nidoking evo and the Scyther for a 4-3 ratio of Seels and Dewgongs. Since
your Pinsir won't be doing much good now swap him out for two more
Kangaskhans this will help you alot as a staller really helps Blastoise to
get pumped. Now that there's no more Grass pokemon just make it 26 water
energy and 2 Dbl. Colorless. Your trainers only need to be changed a bit.
Swap out the 1 scoop-up for another breeder.


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