3 Squirtles
2 Wartorles
1 Blastoise
3 Abras
2 Kadabras
1 Alakazam
2 Magikarps
1 Gyrados
2 Mr. Mimes
1 Mewtwo
<<Your deck Raitos and evos. are very well organized! You may want to add a
Chansey or two however.>>

2 Potions
2 Switchs
2 Energy Retrivals
2 Bills
1 Pokemon Trader
1 Proffesor Oak
1 Super Potion
1 Pokemon Center
<<You're getting a little out of focus here, focus a little more on a couple
different types of Trainers.>>

15 Water
15 Psychic
<<This is great.>>

   Your deck is pretty well organized except for the trainers. Taking out
the MewTwo for a Chansey would help Alakazam alot however. Now for your
trainers, a Pokemon Breeder or two really helps to get Blastoise out quick
for Gyrados, so swap out the S. Potion and Pokemon Center for two Breeders.
You deffinatley won't need Energy Retrievals with 30 energy so swap them out
for another Trader and another Oak. Also if you expanded on the Gyrados evo.
it would help you alot I would suggest makin the energy 14 Psy 14 Water then
add another Karp and another Gyrados.


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