should i change anything do this deck to make it better

pkmn: 21
4 jynx
3 abra
2 kadabra
1 mewtwo
1 mr mime
3 machop
2 machoke
1 machamp
1 hitmonchan
1 chansey
1 doduo
1 dodrio
<<You may want to concentrate more on an Alakazam seeing that you already
have a chansey.>>

trainer: 17
3 Bill
2 switch
2 S potion
3 potion
1 com search
2 pk ball
1 Defender
<<This is great but some of the cards could be swapped out for more

13 physic
9 fightin
<<A little too little energy here.>>

  You can go two ways with this deck, you can either focus on Alakazam's
Damage Swap. Or you can focus more on Hitmonchan and Machamp to give your
opponent a bigger blast. If you're gonna Damage Swap take out the
Doduo-Dodrio this deck really doesn't need them too bad (especially since
you have switch). Add another Kadabra and an Alakazam also swap out that
defender and one of the Pok'eballs to get another Chansey and another
Alakazam. So your ratio for Alakazam should now be 4-3-2 and you should have
2 Chanseys. If you think adding on to the Machamp evo. and the Hitmons
here's what you'll need to do: Once again take out the Doduo-Dodrio and add
2 more Hitmons. Now for Machamp, take out the Defender, and two Pok'eballs
to make the Machamp ratio 4-3-2. You should also change the energy to: 13
Fighting and 9Psychic if you're gonna improvise on Machamp and Hitmon. Your
energy will still be a bit low however, take out the three GOWs for 3 Dbl.


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