Here is my deck. It has won 1st,2nd, and 3rd at  tornements, but
sometimes it fails.

Lightning Energy - 21
Double Colorless - 2
<<This looks great>>

Electabuzz - 3
Jolteon - 2
Pikachu(Jungle) - 1
Zapdos - 1
Voltorb - 2
Electrode(Basic) - 2
<<You've got some great basics in here, you deck is pretty fast considering
you have no stage twos. You may want to add another Pikachu or two.>>

Clefairy - 1
Clefable - 1
Eevee - 3
Searow - 2
Fearow - 1 (Just until i get 2 Raichus)
Lickitung - 1
Snorlax - 1
<<Hmmm, you were looking pretty good up there but from the looks of this
part of the deck you have a card shortage.>>

Super Potion - 1
Pokemon Trader - 1
Bill - 4
Gust of Wind - 2
Poke Ball - 1
Super Energy Removal - 1
Energy Retreval - 2
Potion - 1
Energy Removal - 1
Professor Oak - 1
Computer Search - 1
<<Your trainers are too spread out try focusing on a couple trainers that
would really help your deck.>>
Thank you for reading this. I would like to add another Electabuzz when
i get one.

  Your electro pokemon look good for the most part, but you should probably
add more pikachu if you can he's a great card. As for the colorless pokemon
we've got some work to do. Take out the Clefairy to Clefable to make room
for two more pikachu. I relize you don't have a Raichu yet but once you get
two take out this evolution and with extra  leftover add another
Electrabuzz. Taking out Snorlax and Lickitung would help to let you add
another solid basic. Scyther would be my choice but with already spending
$$$ on Raichu you may not be able to afford him. If not go for Farfetch'd.
Your trainers need to include the following: More Comp. Searches and Pokemon
Traders, a Switch or two (if you plan on keeping Snorlax), more potions and
super potions would help as most of your pokemon don't have the highest of
HPs. So take out the ER and the SER to add 1 more of each pokemon traders
and Comp Searches. Then swap out the pokeball for a Switch. Finally take out
the 2 GOW and 1 bill to add 2 more S. Potions and 1 more Potion.


    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: