Ok, Psychic Destruction is basicly Psychic/Fighting! The Psychic are basicly
for abnormal status stalling. The fighters are the main attackers! The
pokemon I count on are Mewtwo(for those heavy energy users), Alakazam(for
damage swap), Kadabra(for Alakazams damage swap recovery), Hitmonchan(Jab,
Jab, Special punch, Jab, Special Punch!), Clefairy doll(Wall), and
Chansey(Alakazam's Damage Swap, A.K.A Wall!!)!! My deck has:

15 Psychic Energy
15 Fighting Energy

14 Trainers:
3 Prof. Oak
1 Bill
2 Computer Search
2 Super Energy removal
1 Energy Removal
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Gust of Wind
1 Switch
1 PlusPower
1 Defender
<<This is pretty good but you should focus more on 2 or 3 trainers many of
these cards won't help your deck too much.>>

8 Psi Pokemon:
2 Mewtwo
2 Abra
2 Kadabra
1 Alakazam
1 Jynx
<<You should probably add more to the Alakazam evolutions if you can. Try to
make it 3-2-1 or 4-3-2 would do awesome!>>

6 Fighting Pokemon:
2 Hitmonchan
2 Mankey
2 Primape
<<Pretty nice you don't see Primeape very much, he should be a surprise to
the opponent.>>

2 Walls:
1 Clefairy Doll
1 Chansey
<<Hmm, Clefairy Doll isn't much of a wall, maybe you should take it out for
another Chansey.>>

Total: 60 Cards

It'll update soon as I get more cards!!! It took very hard to get these
cards!!! Should I take away any cards?? I want to put in another mewtwo and
another hitmonchan but don't know which cards to take out. Some people at
the school say its ready for tournys, wanna make sure. Rate my deck. This is
Psychic Destruction v1.0

  Alright if you wanna make this deck tourney material you've gotta start by
focusing on cards. You should be mainly be focusing on Alakazam, Chansey,
and Hitmonchan. First of all take out the Jynx and the Primeape evolution.
Now make the Alakazam evolution 4-3-2, and add another Hitmonchan. All you
need to do now is swap out that Clefairy Doll for another Chansey and your
pokemon are set. As for your trainers you should get a Breeder or two,
having Alakazam early in the game is crucial. You don't really need finders,
as your deck only consists of 1 evolution. You should add a couple Energy
Retrieval so you can get some energy back for Recover and Barrier. Also Dbl.
Colorless never hurts. Swap out all your trainers but the Oaks, Bills, SERs
and Comp Searches for all those cards (Energy Retrieval and Breeders).


    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: