<o> **Psychic Annihilation** [YY]

~ Ľ26 Energy:

Ľ11 Psychic Energy
Ľ11 Fighting Energy
Ľ4 Double-Colorless Energy

~ Ľ21 Pokémon:

. Ľ3 Abras
. Ľ2 Kadabras
. Ľ1 Alakazam
. Ľ2 Mr. Mimes
. Ľ2 Gastly
. Ľ1 Haunter
<<Good, but you know who stalls better then Gastly and Haunter? The FOSSIL
version of Gastly and Haunter.>>

. Ľ3 Machops
. Ľ2 Machokes
. Ľ1 Machamp
. Ľ2 Hitmonchans
<<Well, I can think of a couple more suitable pokemon for doing some heavy

. Ľ2 Chanseys
<<You'll need him>>

~ Ľ13 Trainers:

Ľ3 Bills
Ľ2 Pokédexs
Ľ2 Switches
Ľ2 Super Potions
Ľ2 Revives
Ľ2 Pokémon Center
<<A good amount of trainers, but the Revives should go, putting pokemon with
damage counters back on the bench is the last thing you need.>>

The strategy behind Psychic Annihilation is to protect your Pokémon's
weaknesses. All Pokémon in my deck (excluding Chansey) have a weakness
to Psychic Pokémon. There fore, by adding my own Psychic Pokémon I
can destroy other Psychics. Chansey is a great wall for my deck in my
opinion; not only does it have a Resistance to Psychic Pokémon (which
is my deck's weakness) but I could use the "Scrunch attack to hopefully
prevent damage done to Chansey (since there is a 50/50 chance of
flipping heads). Mr. Mime is my other wall do to its great Pokémon
Power "Invisible Wall". Hitmonchan has been thrown in for rapid damage
attacks. The Gastly/Haunter evolution is there to stall your opponent's
Pokémon with "Sleeping Gas" and "Hypnosis"; once Haunter is out and
you opponent is sleeping, the "Dream Eater" attack will be very useful.
Not to mention Gastly's "Destiny Bond" attack which will kill anything
stupid enough to knock it out. The Abras, Kadabras, Machops, and
Machokes are there to be able to evolve up to Machamp and Alakazam, the
BIG players of the team. With Alakazam's Pokémon Power I will be able
to keep all my Pokémon healthy while Chansey takes damage. Machamp is
obviously the hardest hitter on my team. With a move that does 60 damage
and a Pokémon Power that automatically does 10 damage to you
opponent's Pokémon when it attacks you he is the "slugger" of my deck!
The Revives, Super Potions, and Pokémon Cnters are there to make sure
all the Pokémon stay healthy. While Bill and Pokédex are there to
get through your deck quicker. And finally, Switch is there to be able
to take your walls in and out of the game quicker.

I would suggest expanding on the Haunter line, Haunter will prove a very
good staller, and Gastly's not the worst basic himself. So let's make the
current Haunter line fossil version, and add another Gastly and Haunter
(fossil as well) by swapping out 2 Machops. Machoke can be a pain in the
butt in damage swap decks, so let's just get rid of Machamp line altogether.
You now have 4 open slots, let's go with 4 Hitmonlees, his High Jump Attack
does 50 for only 3 fighting. Also take out your Revives to add 2 more
Hitmonchans. Scoop-Ups will fair better then S. Potions now that we've
gotten alot more basics, so swap out 2 S. Potion for 2 Scoop-Ups.

Flat Out-7
Tuned Up-9

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