Power Shutdown
x25 Grass Energy

x3 Grimer
x2 Muk (I'm trying to get more)
x3 Weedle
x2 Kakuna
x1 Beedrill
x3 Nidoran(M)
x1 Nidorino (I only have one)
x1 Nidoking
x3 Bellsprout
x2 Weepinbell
<<Some could go, the Nidoking evo is a great addition you should expand upon

x2 Comp. Search
x1 Breeder
x1 Trader
x4 E. Removal
x3 S. E. Removal
x2 Recycle
x1 E. Search
<<Pretty much good, Recycle is always a useful card but there may be
Muk is the main emphasis, but when the opponent is weakened, Beedrill,
Weepinbell (whose attack is good for such low energy costs), and Nidoking
come in for the kill.

  You have a good strategy, now we need to find ways to execute it. The 1
Breeder helps to get Nidoking out, but you really need to make his ratio
3-2-1. Let's swap out the 1 Energy Search for another Nidorino. If you
really wanna go crazy with Muk you may want to take out the 2 Recycle for
another Muk and Grimer. Let's swap out the trader for a much needed switch
in case your opponent desides to GOW your Muk out into the active spot.

Flat Out-8
Tuned Up-9

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