2 Gastly (1 fossil, 1 base)
2 Haunter (2 base)
1 Gengar
3 seel
2 dewgong
2 magicrap
1 gyarados
3 abra
2 kadabra
2 jynx
2 kangaskhan
<<Where's Alakazam? ;) He helps alot, maybe you should focus on him and
Gengar, the water pokemon aren't doing much good.>>

4 bill
2 oak
2 pluspowers
1 trader
<<Not bad, but a couple more trainers would help.>>

14 psy
15 water

i hit with early jynx (or dewgong vs. colorless) while building gengar,
using trader to dump an extra seel, gastly or magicrap for the evolution.
extra psy energy for recover or comet punch. Need kazam, right? help me!
Remember, no bashings!

  Let's make this a psy swap deck, take out the Dewgong and Gyarados evos
giving you 8 open spots. Add an Abra, Kadabra, and 2 Alakazams. Now lets get
Gengar going, get some fossil Gastlys and Haunters to replace your base set
ones and make the ratio for them 4-3-2. Swap out the 2 Kangaskhans to add 2
Chanseys for Damage Swap. 4 Bills and 2 Oaks isn't good, take out the 2
Bills, or 2 Oaks to add 2 Comp. Searches. Also, let's take out the 2
PlusPowers to add 2 Switches, this will help you switch from Alakazam to
Gengar quickly.

Flat Out-4
Tuned Up-8

    -Jared Schroeder >) Questions and Comments go to: