22 Pokemon
1 Charizard
2 Charmeleons
2 Charmanders
1 Venusaur
2 Ivysaurs
2 Bulbasaurs
2 Electabuzzes
2 Mr. Mimes
3 Pidgeys
3 Pidgeottos
2 Pigeots
<<Charizard and Venusaur are a good match, but you should expand on their
evo lines.>>

30 Energies
4 Double Colorless
8 Fire
8 Leaf
6 Psy
8 Water
<<8 types is quite  a bit and you're going to lead alot more then 8 for

8 Trainers
2 Pokemon Breeders
2 Pokemon Traders
2 Revives
2 Bills
<<The revives aren't needed, breeders help but not with Charizard.>>

Let's turn this deck into a Trans Fire, this will use Venusaur's energy
trans and Charizards energy burn to create fire energy. First we're going to
need to add on to yer 2 main needed evos. Venusaur and Charizard. Take out
the 2 Electabuzz to add another Charizard and Venusaur, take out the entire
Pidgeot line to make the Charizard and Venusaur lines 4-3-2 (that's the
ratio, 4 Basic, 3 Stage 1, and 2 Stage 2). That took up 6 spaces, and you
still have 2 open slots. Let's work on en-hancing your pokemon, add 2
Computer Search they'll help out alot with getting Charizard and Venusaur
going. Next take out the 2 Revives to add 2 energy retrieval. Switch is
needed to quickly Switch out the active for a pumped Charizard. Swap out 2
Breeders to get 2 Switchers. You need a good staller to hold the fort while
you're getting Charizard ready, so add 2 Chansey by taking 2 energy out. Oh
here's what your energy should look like now...
4 Double Colorless
24 Grass

Flat Out-4
Tuned Up-8

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